Students Say Sorry for Bad Behaviour at Vitti’s, Osaka

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Two students have uploaded videos online for their bad behaviour at a homestay in Japan.

One of them, who goes by the name of Ramadhan Sinclair, said he was sorry for the mess he and his friends created in Osaka several days ago, on Instagram as well as in a Facebook post.

“I wish to apologise to all Malaysians, especially Qaiyum, for my violence towards him, as well as the profanity I used.

“The three of us take responsibility for the damage we caused and will do our best to pay back the costs incurred by the management.

“Also, I wish to apologise on behalf of the person who defecated in the shower room. I don’t actually know who did it. 

“I will strive to be a better person after this, and watch my conduct wherever I go,” Sinclair said

The three students on holiday in Japan came under heavy criticism from netizens after a video of their awful behaviour at the homestay went viral.

A video clip of the incident that was uploaded by Ema Vitti, the Italian owner of Vitti Lodge & Family Apartment in Osaka, showed the students arguing with a staff member as well as insulting and rough-handling him at the guesthouse.

The cause of the dispute was believed to have stemmed from the Malaysian staff member, said to be named Qaiyum, telling the students about guesthouse rules not permitting them to cook past a certain hour.

Another student appeared towards the end of the video and punched the kitchen wall in anger, causing a visible crack.

Not only did the students damage furniture at the lodge, they also allegedly defecated into the drainage hole in the shower.

Following the fracas, the operators of Vitti Lodge & Family Apartment posted a message on Facebook saying all Malaysians were barred from the premises.

“To all Malaysian who are visiting Japan! The shower room’s are only used for taking (a) shower and washing your body, you cant poop in it (don’t shit in the shower rooms). Be polite and give a good picture about Malaysian and your people (sic),” the post said.

“This is the 3rd time (this has) happened in our guest house by Malaysian guests,” the online post read.

Vitti’s page was subsequently deluged with comments from furious Malaysians, who expressed disgust at the behaviour of the students while some also apologised to the Italian “on behalf of all Malaysians”.

The operators eventually lifted the ban.

They have also lodged a police report over the alleged assault of their staff member.

Unfortunately, the shameful incident had been brought to the attention of the Japanese media.

In a separate posting that was shared widely, reportedly from the guesthouse’ lawyers, the owner is now seeking damages from the students or their benefactors.

The claims include damage to the wall, bathroom, furniture and also for lying about their flight tickets.

It was reported that Vitti had taken pity on the students and took them in after they claimed to have missed their flight back to Malaysia and had no cash to buy new tickets or find a place to stay.

Vitti Osaka/Facebook

Several updates have since been added to the post, including that the trio were back in Malaysia and a benefactor to one of the students has contacted Vitti’s lawyers.

Another update was a grim reminder that Japan is a strict country and travellers with criminal records might be denied entry into Japan for life.