Support from politicians and activists for woman who exposed MB’s ‘test drive’

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Politicians and activists have thrown their support for a woman who blew the whistle over a purported MCO violation involving the Kedah menteri besar and his entourage during an apparent “test drive” over the weekend.


Housewife Nini Siron, 36, who lodged a police report over the apparent violation, has since been attacked online, with the pictures of her family and her son being spread online.

She had posted an account of a man resembling menteri besar Sanusi Md Nor apparently on a test drive of a new car, an activity forbidden under lockdown rules. The MB’s aide has since denied that such a test drive had taken place and said they had only looked at the car while stopping for a meal.

Activist Marina Mahathir said the attacks on Nini was an act of cowardice, as she was merely pointing out double standards.

“Are MBs above the law? She said she was only trying to do as what the MKN has recommended, to be their eyes and ears on MCO violators. It is these violators who are a danger to society. Worse still, they are supposed to be good role models to the rest of us.

“This is how morally corrupt this PN government has become because, instead of siding with the rakyat, its supporters side with the politicians who blithely break rules simply because they can.

“This government seems intent on dividing itself from the rakyat,” she said.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said his party would provide free legal service to Nini and others who are victimised for criticising the PN government and its leaders.

“Nini was so angry to see that people still go against the SOPs and was following the National Security Council’s advice to be their eyes and ears.

“This is another example of double standards in the enforcement of MCO restrictions between VIPs and the ordinary rakyat who would have received a summons for non-compliance.

“Nini should be praised for her civic consciousness and not vilified by the Kedah MB’s supporters,” he said in a statement.

Senator Yusmadi Yusoff said it was despicable for netizens to torment her by spreading her family photos and the authorities should take immediate action over bullying.

“Nini merely had information of public importance to be relayed to the authorities for further action. If her information was about wrongdoing, then action ought to be taken. No one is above the law,” the lawyer and Pusat Hak Rakyat chief said.

Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto also said Nini should be applauded for blowing the whistle and the communications and multimedia minister ought to state his stance on curbing cyberbullying.

She said that in the meantime, the MB should urge his supporters to stop making insulting, disparaging remarks against Nini.

“Rightly, the MB should come clean. And the question should be asked: are showrooms allowed to open during MCO? If not, how is it open? And is the MB empowered to go on test drives and other activities, as witnessed by Nini?” – FMT