Syed Saddiq: We did not demand 10 seats in Johor

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Muda will use its own logo despite allying with PH.

Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) has not set conditions on the number of seats it wants to contest in the coming Johor elections, president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said.

He said negotiations over seats with Pakatan Harapan was still ongoing and expressed surprise at its chairman Anwar Ibrahim’s claim that Muda wants to contest 10 seats.

“Let me stress, anyone who speaks about (seat) negotiations on behalf of Muda does not represent Muda,” the Muar MP told The Malaysian Insight.

“You rarely hear people in Muda talking about seats because I told them not to.

“So, about the 10 seats (Anwar mentioned), to be honest, that is new to me. I’ve never heard of Muda wanting to contest 10 seats.

“I’ve never heard the demand of Muda needing to list down candidates before negotiations. This is the first time I’m hearing this.”

He was responding to Anwar who on Sunday said Muda, which is not part of the PH coalition but is collaborating with it for the coming Johor elections, wanted to contest in 10 seats and that they have been told to submit its list of candidates.

To date, Muda has had multiple discussions with Opposition party leaders about the Johor poll, but Syed Saddiq said neither he nor other Muda party leaders have categorically stated that it is eyeing ten seats.

“Rest assured, whether it is five, 10 or 15 (seats) ― all of this will be discussed internally and once we come to a conclusion, we will inform the public,” he was quoted as saying.

“Seats negotiations will be decided collectively and we will try our best to minimise seat overlaps with Opposition parties. What I can say is, we have entered the second round of negotiations with PKR, and the third round of negotiations with PH, specifically Amanah and DAP,” he added.

“We have spoken to many other friends in the Opposition as well but to be clear, (we) only spoke to those in the Opposition. Not once, not twice, but many times.”

Syed Saddiq was also quoted saying in a separate report that the party will use its own logo despite allying with PH.

Previously, Anwar-led PKR also said it will use its own logo rather than PH’s.

The Johor state election will be Muda’s electoral debut. Syed Saddiq, who hails from Muar, said the March 23 poll is an opportunity for his party members to contest and be part of the state government.

Muda boasts many talented candidates and Syed Saddiq is willing to take the backseat in order to allow the rest to contest, he was quoted as saying.

“Muda is not Syed Saddiq and Syed Saddiq is not Muda. Muda is much bigger and larger than Syed Saddiq,” he said.

“We have so many great young talents and candidates who you could offer to the people of Johor. These are people of Johor and they are truly multi-racial and gender balanced. There are so many great young leaders, men and women, young and disruptive, who Muda can offer.”