Getting into a Flap over Sassy Chicken in New Controversial KFC Ad

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A KFC ad featuring chickens dancing to rap music is branded “horrific” and could face investigation by advertising watchdog.


You’ve never seen a chicken as funky as the one strutting around a barn with his companions to the soundtrack of DMX’s ‘X Gonna Give It to Ya’ in a new ad currently airing on UK television.

But the new ad has caused quite the stir on social media, with even meat eaters branding it “horrific” and “inappropriate”.

What raised the hackles of viewers is that the ‘star’ – the chicken in question – is apparently destined to end up breaded in a bucket at fast food giant KFC.

The ad and accompanying poster campaign could now face investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority after 250 consumers complained. 

According to Marketing Week, complaints range from the depiction of the chickens being “offensive and distressing” for children and those who don’t eat meat, and “misleading” as it “features healthy, older looking chickens that complainants believe misrepresent the age, quality and living conditions of KFC chickens”.

The ad is part of KFC’s new campaign to highlight that its products contain “the whole chicken and nothing but the chicken”

But it seems that consumers are not comfortable being reminded of the link between the feathered birds and their Zinger Tower meal.

One Twitter user complained that the company had made chickens appear “so human and happy”, yet their whole ethos is “about killing them”.

Another said that the company was trivialising slaughter, and advised, “Don’t pretend to be friends with your victims.” 

Disturbingly, the Brits did not object to the lyrics of DMX’s ‘X Gonna Give It to Ya’ which is laced with profanity, hence viewer discretion is advised in watching the ad.