Two Men Remanded over Caning Video Arising from Husband-Wife Dispute

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The man who interfered in a domestic dispute and ‘disciplined’ an odd job worker with a cane as well as the man who recorded the brutal beating turned themselves in to the police at 2pm yesterday.

The duo, aged 38 and 39, were brought to the North Klang district police headquarters in Kapar here by Community Policing Malaysia founder Kuan Chee Heng.

“I accompanied them to meet and they apologised to the victim on Sunday night. The victim accepted their apologies and forgave them,” Kuan said.

He added that the whole incident was a misunderstanding caused by a heated exchange of words which turned physical.

“The two men had never tried to escape or run away, and they contacted me instead for help. However, hurting someone is a crime and they have agreed to turn themselves in,” he said, adding that he hoped people would not take matters into their own hands in any dispute.

In the bizarre incident that took place in Klang, 52-year-old odd-job labourer Khor Meng Heong reprimanded his wife over an unkempt house and unwashed laundry, which descended into their neighbour disciplining Khor with a cane and forcing him to his knees.

Khor was seen writhing in pain while his attacker mercilessly beat him in front of his pleading wife and wailing child.

The footage of the beating, which was uploaded on Facebook, went viral, sparking an outcry among social media users who felt the assailant had no business dispensing punishment to the man, what more so severely.

The two suspects have been remanded for three days and the case is being investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means and Section 448 of the same Code for criminal trespass.

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