Umno AGM: Johor delegates skip debate to show solidarity with Hasni

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Umno delegates from Johor are skipping the debates in the Umno annual general assembly 2021 to show solidarity with Hasni Mohammad, who was dropped as state menteri besar following the recent state election.

Hari Anggara

This was confirmed by Johor Umno deputy chief Nur Jazlan Mohamed who said the delegates decided not to participate in the debates to support Hasni.

“This is to show support for Hasni,” he said in a text message to Malaysiakini.

The list of debaters for Umno and three of its wings that were made available to the media have confirmed a previous report that the Johor grassroots will skip the debate.

Bernama quoted sources stating that delegates from Johor decided on Monday not to participate in the general assembly debates following the crisis over the appointment of the new menteri besar.

A source, however, said Hasni did not want the matter to escalate.

Onn Hafiz, 43, who is the Machap assemblyperson, was sworn in as the menteri besar at Istana Serene, taking over the post from Hasni.

Earlier, Hasni was named as the sole menteri besar candidate by BN chairperson Ahmad Zahid Hamidi during the campaign period of the state election.

In the polls on Saturday, BN won a supermajority mandate of 40 out of the 56 seats in the state assembly and was in a comfortable position to form the state government.

However, three days after BN celebrated its victory, there was no indication on whether Hasni would return to lead the state government until rumours emerged linking Onn Hafiz and Umno supreme council member Mohd Puad Zarkashi to the post.

It was reported that Umno grassroots appeared to be pushing back after a “higher power” was said to have disrupted Johor party chief Hasni Mohammad’s return as menteri besar.

Reports have emerged that 38 out of 40 BN assemblypersons in Johor submitted statutory declarations (SDs) supporting Hasni as the sole candidate for menteri besar.

Zahid submitted the SDs to the Johor palace on March 14.

Meanwhile, Wangsa Maju division chief Shafei Abdullah, in his debate at the AGM, also spoke out against the “higher power” who had disrupted the appointment of Johor’s menteri besar.

He said it was an anti-climate after we won in the Johor state election that the individual we nominated as the menteri besar candidate could not make it.

“I would like to ask if there is a silent game being played without getting the blessing of the party president or the leaders. I think there is none. If there is, yes, stop this culture.

“This is because, in the end, the leaders who are carrying out their duties will lose confidence as they feel that someone is holding a knife to their backs,” he said. – Malaysiakini