Vaccine centres to reverse ‘no photo, no video’ rule

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Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) Minister-in-Charge Khairy Jamaluddin has instructed all vaccine administration centres (PPVs) to allow recipients to record themselves when they receive their vaccine.


Khairy also reminded all vaccinators to show recipients their syringes before and after jabs, as per the standard operating procedure (SOP).

This was to dispel doubts about improperly administered vaccinations.

“I have given permission, and I have asked for permission from Health Minister (Dr Adham Baba).

“If (in the past) there was an instruction for this not to be allowed. Vaccine recipients can now video their own vaccinations.

“Go and film yourselves. Take a video of your vaccination so that you have hard proof and we also have hard proof that you have received the proper dosage for your vaccination,” he told an online press conference this afternoon.

Khairy later clarified that this rule change was effective from today.

“This is an instruction that I have given just last night,” he said.

Some PPVs began imposing a “no photo, no video” rule in May.

‘Adhere to the vaccination SOP’

The rule recently came under the spotlight following claims about blank vaccine shots.

Khairy also dispelled links between such alleged instances and illegal vaccine sales today.

The minister also stressed that all vaccinators must follow the vaccination SOP.

“So that there are no more doubts, I have instructed that we must ensure the existing SOP (is followed).

“Which is to show the vaccine recipient the syringe filled with the proper amount of vaccine before administering the jab,” he said.

This SOP has been in place since May 24. – Malaysiakini