Widow of cop in Seremban shooting tragedy: I was waiting for him to fetch me

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“I received a WhatsApp from him (my husband) yesterday (prior to the incident) telling me that he wanted to meet up and fetch me from my mother’s house. I was happy because I had not seen him for a week.

“Then, I received news from the police informing me he was found in a car with my son.”

Those were the words of the widow of a 35-year-old police corporal, who allegedly shot the couple’s seven-year-old son before shooting himself yesterday.

The father and son were found dead in a car in Taman Sentosa Jaya, Paroi. Police received a distress call about the incident at 6.42pm.

Mohd Amin Jalil/NST

The 38-year-old operator of a food business said she was at her mother’s house in Taman Bidara Senawang when she was told of the incident. The last time she met her husband was last Thursday.

“I was shocked to receive the news of my husband and son dead in a car because I had been waiting for him to fetch me,” said the woman when met at her house in Taman Cempaka Fasa 4, Senawang today.

When speaking to Berita Harian and Harian Metro, she did not deny there had been disagreements between her and her husband over family matters.

She said such disagreements were not unusual since they were married in 2009. However, such problems, she added, would usually be resolved within two or three days.

“I admit our relationship wasn’t always perfect, and we disagreed over household matters, but those were usually resolved.

“Everyone has problems, but not to the point of losing all sensibilities.

“I am shocked he (her husband) could do that to our own son because he loved him very much.” she said.

The couple has another son, aged 15, who has hearing disability.

On the day of the incident, the woman recalled her husband taking their son out to buy food. They left the elder son at home under the care of her mother-in-law, who came to Seremban from Kuala Lumpur for a visit.

“His last words to my elder son were ‘take care of your grandmother’.”

Meanwhile, the policeman’s sister-in-law said she was unaware of any major problems faced by the couple.

“I don’t like to meddle in the affairs of other families. We do meet up often and ask about each other, but they never asked for help or relate any marital problems to me,” said the 36-year-old woman.

The policeman’s brother-in-law said the bodies of the father and son are expected to taken to a crematorium in Jalan Templer on Saturday.

“We accept what had happened. We have lost family members who were good people,” he said. – NST