Woman Arrested over Merciless Beating of Child

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A video of a woman ferociously hitting a child is being widely shared on social media, especially WhatsApp, shocking viewers on the intensity of the beatings. The video has gone viral even in India.

  • Repeatedly screamed “die” at the child
  • Rained 30 continuous lashes
  • Challenged the person recording the video to show it to the media 

In the two-minute and 50-second footage, a woman who appears to be in her 50s was seen shouting at a young girl sitting at a dining table. She forced the child to stand up before beating her with what seems to be a wooden back-scratcher while accusing her of “not knowing how to eat” and “spilling food”.

The woman, who spoke in Tamil, shouted “die” repeatedly while continually whipping the girl, who looks to be about five or six years old. The crying child was writhing and screaming in pain, while a dog at the scene seemed visibly distressed by the cruel beatings meted out.

In the midst of the flogging, the girl was seen clutching her back with both hands in agony and gasping in between her cries.

The abuser hit the victim about 30 times before she briefly halted. The girl limped to a corner of the room where the woman continued to lash out several times at the child before removing the girl’s top. At this point, the girl could be seen bent in pain, heaving, and appeared to have difficulty in breathing.

Shortly afterwards, the woman returned and slapped the girl on the face and back. She also kicked the girl, causing her to fall down before roughly pulling a top over the child’s head.

Knowing her brutal abuse was being recorded, the woman dared the person taking the video to send it to the media. The identity of the person who recorded the footage is not known.

“Since you are recording, let me see if you are going to give it to the newspapers,” she said in the video.

The incident is believed to have taken place in a house in Puchong Perdana but the date of the occurrence has yet to be established.

The abuser is reportedly looking after the child in the absence of her parents.