Woman who exposed Kedah MB’s test drive demands RM3 million from trio

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A woman who blew the whistle on the Kedah menteri besar’s test drive in Juru two months ago has threatened to sue his aide, PAS organ Harakahdaily and another person over claims of harassment, privacy breach and cyberbullying on social media platforms.

Besides Harakahdaily, the two others are Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden, the political secretary to menteri besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, and Mohamad Solhi Mohd Sharif.

In a letter of demand, Hanini Siron, better known as Nini Siron, said the statements made by the three after she exposed Sanusi’s jaunt had caused harassment, invasion of privacy, exposure of personal data online, and also elements of cyberbullying.

She wants them to apologise in 48 hours and pay her RM1 million each as damages for humiliation, disrepute, emotional distress and infringement of her personal data and privacy.

She has also demanded that they stop making any further remarks about her and remove all offending remarks from media platforms.

She also asked for a public apology on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

According to her lawyer, Faizal Rahman, the letter of demand was sent on Aug 13, but there had been no response.

He said the postings made by the three parties had demonstrated that Nini was a distorter, a deceiver, and a hypocrite who acted as a vassal for political will, which elicited remarks deemed as cyberbullying and harassment from the public.

In a Facebook post, Nini said she will take court action against the three to protect her interests and the reputation of her family.

Earlier, it was reported that Nini had to remove her Facebook account, which she and her husband used to sell cars and insurance, after it was attacked by supporters of the menteri besar.

Her mobile phone also had to be switched off after a deluge of hate mail.

She said it caused her loss of income, with her contact numbers and family photos widely shared on Facebook with nasty comments.

Meanwhile, Afnan Hamimi said he has yet to receive the letter of demand from Nini. FMT has contacted the other two for comment. – FMT