Zahid’s daughter: Lecturer right in ‘scolding’ student, anger justified

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Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s daughter Nurul Hidayah has defended Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) lecturer Roshana Takim’s action of scolding a student who did not have a computer.

Taking to Instagram, the former deputy prime minister’s daughter also said students should not have uploaded the recording of the online session on social media in the first place.

Hidayah lamented the attitude of students nowadays, taking to social media to share clips of them getting scolded by their lecturers.

“They should instead overcome their sadness and frustration and use the experience to motivate themselves to do better.


“If you are angry with the boss, will you take it to social media too? Do you think employers will hire workers like that? Every little thing is uploaded on social media these days,” she wrote.

Defending the lecturer, Hidayah felt that Roshana did not insult the B40 group but had only used a rude tone because she was disappointed with the particular student’s attitude.

“In my opinion, the professor was angry because the student did not have a computer although he was already in semester five. Yes, people are struggling but as a student, he should be responsible too.

“I also had lecturers that I did not like but I did not embarrass them in public. Being a lecturer, of course she had to scold the student who she felt was not serious about his studies,” she said.

Hidayah said many B40 children are very successful and have shown motivation to achieve their dreams.

“Many students who have lost their parents at a young age have also studied hard and become successful. And there are those who work part-time to be able to afford a laptop.

“There are also NGOs, government agencies and elected representatives, among others, who help buy computers for those who cannot afford it,” she said.

Earlier today, netizens criticised the lecturer’s action after a video of her admonishing the student for not having a computer during the online lecture went viral.

She said she did not like to teach students from the B40 category as they did not seem to show interest in their studies.

“If you have a sister and she has a gold bracelet, tell her to sell that and buy you a computer. You can’t learn properly when you have no computer,” the lecturer told him, adding that it only costs RM800 to get a computer.

He had earlier responded to her questions about his family, answering that his father was unemployed and his mother had passed away. – FMT