A Puppet PM

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Umno and PAS will continue blackmailing Muhyiddin, including to drop all criminal charges on Najib and Zahid.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has appointed Tiong King Sing as the Special Envoy to China with ministerial rank. Effectively, the already bloated 70 ministries Cabinet is now consisting of an eye-popping 72 ministers, including the recent promotion of Hadi Awang as Special Envoy to the Middle East (despite Saudi Arabia still considers Hadi a “terrorist”).

However, unlike Hadi, whose Islamist party PAS has in its possession of 18 seats in the Parliament, Tiong’s Progressive Democratic Party has only two seats. Exactly how could a leader of a party with only two Member of Parliaments be given a ministerial position? Tiong had also humiliated PM Muhyiddin when he turned down his initial appointment as Deputy National Unity Minister.

While the name “Tiong King Sing” might sound unfamiliar, he was the big boss of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the turnkey contractor of the PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) project. Yes, Tiong King Sing was the same man popularly known within the circle of MCA as the “twin brother” of Wee Ka Siong (current MCA president, whose 47% in Hijau Sekitar Sdn Bhd was a sub-contractor of PKFZ).

Tiong, also known as the Mafia Bintulu, became a billionaire when he sold his Kuala Dimensi’s 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) of Pulau Indah land to Port Klang Authority for a cool RM1.8 billion, the same land he had bought for only RM95 million, thanks to his connection with Wee. The PKFZ soon exploded into a RM12 billion scandal due to cost overruns and financial irregularities.

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The PKFZ scandal was so explosive and toxic back in 2008-2009 that even the police during the era of the corrupt Barisan Nasional regime had to freeze luxury cars, lands, a Gulfstream IV jet aircraft and a Learjet 60 aircraft belonging to Tiong under the Anti-Money Laundering Act. Of course, Tiong King Sing didn’t go to jail, let alone Wee Ka Siong.

Yet, the simple fact that PM Muhyiddin had to “kowtow” to a corrupt mafia boss like Tiong speaks volumes about what a weak leader he is. The racist “Malay first” Muhyiddin is not only being bullied by a rich mafia boss but is also constantly pushed around like a prostitute by racist, extremist and corrupt politicians of the same ethnicity – Umno and PAS Malays.

Not satisfied with the appointment of their boss – PAS president Hadi Awang as Special Envoy to the Middle East – the Islamist party took the opportunity, while the country is in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, to demand for all its MPs (Members of Parliament) who currently do not hold positions in government to be made heads of GLCs (government linked companies).


Not to be outdone, Umno president Zahid Hamidi had similarly pressed for more positions when his letter dated April 16 was leaked. Zahid has demanded that the prime minister appoints four Sabah Umno leaders (Bung Moktar Radin, Mohamad Alamin, Rahman Dahlan and Yakubah Khan) to government positions not only at federal but also at the state level.


In fact, Zahid (who himself faces record 87 criminal charges) has openly demanded that Sabah UMNO chairman Bung Moktar be appointed as Sabah Federal Development chairman, despite the former Felcra chairman Bung Moktar and his wife Zizie Izette are being charged for taking bribes in a RM150 million investment in Public Mutual unit trust products.

Rahman Dahlan, one of the loudest cheerleaders of former PM Najib Razak’s 1MDB scandal, should be made a senator, said the despicable Zahid in his letter. Thereafter, PM Muhyiddin was told to appoint Mohamad Alamin as a deputy minister while Yakubah Khan be given the post of Labuan Port Board chairman. But the blackmail has just begun.

It’s most likely that not-so-clever Zahid has consulted his former boss Najib in what appears to be an evil and wicked plan to not only intimidate and bully the weak backdoor prime minister, but also to test how much Umno could push the weak Muhyiddin for more concessions. The letter was deliberately leaked to humiliate the Malaysian leader, knowing very well that he would be powerless to retaliate.

While Umno has nothing to lose, the same cannot be said about Bersatu. The simpleton Muhyiddin thought he was the biggest winner after he betrayed his own Pakatan Harapan government and formed a backdoor Perikatan Nasional government with oppositions Umno and PAS. He thought he could control his new allies the same way Mahathir had controlled DAP and PKR.

If Muhyiddin refuses to grant the wishes of ally PAS, he would lose power if the extremist Islamist party pulls out. If Muhyiddin refuses to give whatever ally Umno wants, he would lose power if the racist and corrupt party pulls out. If the prime minister is so spineless as to obediently appoint a corrupt leader like Bung Moktar, then it’s a jackpot for both Zahid and Najib.

Yes, the letter of demand from Zahid was to test the water. If the prime minister could be bullied to the extent of appointing even a small fry like Bung Moktar, then the conclusion is that the same PM Muhyiddin can be forced to pervert and pressure the judicial system to free crooks like Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak of all charges related to corruption, money laundering and criminal breach of trust (CBT).

With razor-thin 114 MPs (112 minimum seats are required to form a simple majority government in the 222-seat Parliament) supporting the backdoor government, the traitor and treacherous Muhyiddin is – comically – at the mercy of Umno-led Barisan Nasional’s 42 MPs (Umno’s 39, MCA’s 2 and MIC’s 1), PAS (18 MPs) and Sarawak-based GPS (18 MPs) to hold on to power.

Umno and PAS do not mind at all if Muhyiddin threatens to dissolve the Parliament and calls for a snap election. As a matter of fact, Umno and PAS are betting every dollar they have that the president of Bersatu (who has less than 36 MPs after Mahathir and some refused to align to him) does not have the balls to go for a general election.

For now, Umno and PAS are happily riding Muhyiddin as if he was like a donkey, whipping the idiot whenever they want power and projects. When the day of general elections finally comes, both parties will kick away Muhyiddin and whatever is left of his Perikatan Nasional government and split the seats to be contested between Umno and PAS only.

But it’s one thing to demand for government positions so that projects and contracts could be secured to enrich families and cronies. It’s another thing altogether for the Umno and PAS leaders to break the law and get away with it. In less than two months, the people have seen how two laws are being practised by Muhyiddin government – one set of law for ordinary people while another for VVIPs.

Ever since the MCO (movement control order) was declared on March 18, the authorities have arrested, fined or jailed at least 15,924 people for flouting the government’s lockdown. Some of them are still kept in jail while awaiting their trial and others fined up to RM1,000. Even those attending funerals have been arrested and slapped with fines without sympathy whatsoever.

However, when photos emerged of two deputy ministers and one Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) meeting people in three separate functions while obviously failing to follow the lockdown and social distancing rules, people were incredibly furious over the police inaction – dragging their feet on whether to arrest the VIPs aligned to Muhyiddin government.

In Perak, Deputy Health Minister Noor Azmi Ghazali and fellow Perak executive councillor Razman Zakaria were pictured sitting down to lunch with some 20 people. In another photo, Deputy Development Minister Abdul Rahman Mohamad happily cut a cake while closely surrounded by his supporters in Pahang. Had this been done by ordinary folks, they would have been arrested and thrown into prison.

Then, there was the PAS warlord, Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, who proudly posted on Twitter of him having lunch with former Menteri Besar Ahmad Said in the latter’s home. Under the “Stay at home” restrictive orders, no mass gatherings are allowed, and only one family member is allowed to go out to buy groceries, medicines or food.


So, does that mean ordinary people can travel to visit their friend for lunch since the Terengganu Chief Minister has set an example? Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who is also the defence minister, has previously warned that MCO violators would be arrested under the third phase of the MCO (from April 15 – 28) instead of just being slapped with RM1,000 fines.

For obvious reason, the police has had only dared to record statements as part of their so-called investigations into the government VIPs’ breach of the law. Even the supposedly “clean and courageous” IGP (Inspector General of Police) Abdul Hamid Bador is as quiet as a church mouse when the big guns linked to Muhyiddin’s backdoor government deliberately broke the laws.

It would take public uproar for Perak Exco Razman and Terengganu Chief Minister Ahmad Samsuri to apologise for their actions, while Deputy Health Minister Noor Azmi deleted the photos on his Facebook account. But the fact that they haven’t been arrested and charged, let alone handcuffed, unlike many Malaysians who have flouted the MCO, shows the pathetic double standards practised.

Can ordinary Malaysians, upon being caught by the police for flouting the lockdown, quickly apologise and be forgiven by the authorities without the threat of handcuff, remand and imprisonment? Turtle egg Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob claimed that no one is above the law. Yet, none of the VIPs are dealt with accordingly. The coward PM Muhyiddin, as usual, is hiding while keeping his mouth shut.


Heck, even Nurul Hidayah, the eldest daughter of disgraced Zahid Hamidi didn’t care about breaking the MCO law when she posted photographs about her meeting with Deputy Environment and Water Minister Ahmad Masrizal Muhammad together with her husband. When a netizen questioned Nurul, she arrogantly challenged the critic to report to the police – suggesting that her father is now more powerful than PM Muhyiddin. – Finance Twitter