Arrogant People with Titles

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I recently read with great anger and disbelief about a Datin who slapped a security guard who simply stuck to the rules and did not allow a food delivery girl up to her condo.

Apparently, the Datin was infuriated and came down to collect the food at the lobby.

During the process, she also apparently slapped the guard – an incident which was caught entirely on CCTV.

Well, I am sure like me, everyone wants to know who this great “Datin” is and how she ever got her title in the first place.

I wonder what she or her husband did for the nation to be awarded the title.

I recall during the Barisan Nasional rule, this kind of arrogant people with titles could get away with anything, including murder.

Hopefully, under the current regime, she will get her due punishment and learn not to be so arrogant.

Arrogance was one of BN leaders’ traits and among the many reasons why they were voted out of power.

So far, despite some minor setbacks, I still find PH leaders very down to earth and have personally bumped into and shook hands with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on several occasions.

He appears to be a very down-to-earth leader and I personally hope to see him at the helm soon.

As for this Datin, well, I am sure she has gotten all the fame she wants now. – Ahmad Dazuki Harun

Ahmad Dazuki Harun from Petaling Jaya is a reader of The True Net and the views expressed here are his.