Celebrity Wardina Safiyyah Lashes Out at ‘Gatal’ Preachers and Religious Men

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Popular celebrity Wardina Safiyyah today lashed out at the lascivious behaviour of lewd preachers and religious men and called for them to “be a man” and not use religion to justify their lust.

The actress, model and TV host’s comment on an Instagram post yesterday comes amidst public outcry on social media against Islamic preacher Muhammad Abu Sufiyan Mohd Mokhtar Rozaidi, better known as PU Abu, for divorcing his seven-month pregnant wife as well as several other fellow religious personalities from religious TV reality programmes who refused to condemn their peer.

“‘Gatal’ (horny) preachers and religious men are truly disgusting I can’t stand their jokes especially randomly dropping hints about marrying another on social media or in their ceramah (it’s not classy, Ustaz) not taking into account the feelings of their wives or woman.


“Try educating men to value and respect women instead.”

Saying her comment was in the capacity of a woman, daughter, wife and mother, she added, “Above all, they think they can get away with it because they are pious, because they are men, and use whatever verses or Hadith to justify their bloody ‘gatalness’.

“Be a man. Respect your wife first and foremost.”

The 39-year-old said it wasn’t about the act of divorcing his wife while pregnant itself, “BUT the lecherous Abu being in love with another woman (divorcee/widow) after just being married for two months, and awaiting the birth of his first child.

“Like seriously? Two months?? To me life is torturous if you have to face a husband that is lovesick for another woman. So it is for the best to let it go.

“But the fact he fell in love with another woman just two months of marriage is just absurd.”

She followed her criticism for Abu who found fame in Astro’s religious reality show Pencetus Ummah, and several preachers who emerged from religious reality TV programmes who have been critical of the public outcry saying, “Slandering women by these men (preachers or otherwise) is amazing.

“Do not start. Do not pretend to approach and disguise it with something else.”

“To Mr Abu, may Allah open your heart and eyes. To Hana Azra (why do you have to have the same name as my daughter), can you truly be happy from the torture of another woman. It’s not worth it. One day you will regret.”

She ended the posting with apologies for commenting on the affairs of others, and offered general advice to all men, to “go home and for goodness sake, just love your wife!” – MMO

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