Corruption and greed for power has crept into every facet of governance

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The recent political scenario in our country points to only one thing – that all efforts to curb the spread of the raging Covid-19 pandemic have taken a back seat.

They have taken a back seat to the greed and irresponsibility of our politicians who are struggling to feed their own political ambitions.

This is apparent with some fighting to remain in power, while others are doing all they can to wriggle out of serving time behind bars.

And as usual, the ones who suffer in silence are the poor, hungry rakyat.

Pushed to a corner, the rakyat had no choice but to lean on each other, hence the white flag campaign.

Azhar Mahfof/The Star

But alas, even this campaign, which comes from the heart of each and every Malaysian was condemned by some heartless politicians.

Not to mention some who tried to hitch a ride on this campaign to draw glory to themselves.

What is it that keeps these aloof politicians alienated from the cries and pains of the rakyat?

Corruption and the greed for power and manipulation have crept into every facet of governance and it is no wonder Malaysia ranks among the top nations in the global corruption index.

What happened to the beautiful, multi-cultural nation we all once knew and loved so dearly?

We were forced to raise the white flag, not because we are surrendering the good fight, but because we are throwing in the towel to all this greed and corruption around us.

Even last year, when the Covid-19 was spreading across the globe, our leaders were too busy playing musical chairs in Sheraton Hotel.

Hence, déjà vu and once again – thousands have died and are dying daily from Covid-19, but once again greed and power prevail.

The rakyat can no longer bear the hunger and thirst for fairness and competency in our government.

Each Malaysian is equally frustrated and impacted in different ways by Covid-19.

The lack of management foresight by our government distracted by their political survival has only made it worse.

The people are crying blood and have has enough of this nonsense.

We voted for a change, but alas, it was robbed from us and once again the devil prevailed.

Democracy never failed the people, it is the insincere, dark backroom dealings, coupled with the evils of corruption that has reigned victorious in our nation.

There is no longer any room in this nation for sincerity, responsibility and transparency – it has all been shrouded by political greed and ambition.

I am confident there is still someone out there capable of steering the nation out of all this turmoil.

But unfortunately, that person is unable to rise from the ashes because of the overpowering evil manoeuvrings by those already in power.

We, the rakyat, can no longer bear the pain – may God help this nation.

The views expressed here are strictly those of The True Net reader Aidi Amin Yazid.