Daim Tells Ministers to Stop Fighting in Public

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Council of Eminent Persons chairman Daim Zainuddin today advised some Cabinet ministers against quarrelling in the open as this could lead to the public loathing the government.

He said although it was understood that most ministers were new to the job, such an attitude could not be allowed to go on.

He went on to suggest they show some solidarity.

“They (Cabinet ministers) are certainly new.

“They have been in the opposition for 50 years. Even when they won (the 14th general election) together, they are still quarrelling among themselves.

Ham Abu Bakar

“I have reminded them many times that if they want to quarrel, they may do so for six months.

“If they still insist on quarrelling after that, the people may soon feel disgusted,” the former finance minister said at a luncheon talk entitled ‘Future Bumiputera Economic Atmosphere’ at the Universiti Teknologi Mara today.

As such, he said it was better if the ministers worked as a team with the civil servants and the various agencies under their respective ministries because they were capable and qualified.

He said there were ministers who do their work without seeking any opinion and when this happens, the civil servants will not take responsibility for that.

“This is among the reasons why many things are not implemented properly,” he said.