Dennis Ignatius: Look Who’s Talking

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Any party which has many of its members charged with corruption, money laundering and abuse of power forfeits the right to talk about honesty and integrity.

In response to growing public outrage over all the government appointments being handed out to Perikatan Nasional (PN) MPs, UMNO President Zahid Hamidi said that the “appointments were to ensure that the PN government’s policies and aspirations were implemented.” He also urged all appointees of the Muafakat Nasional pact between UMNO and PAS to be trustworthy and dedicated in their responsibilities.

Zahid must believe that Malaysians have either very short memories or are very naïve if he thinks that they are going to accept such an asinine defence of what is essentially an exercise in political bribery to secure the loyalty of MPs for Muhyiddin’s backdoor government.

Besides, who is Zahid to give advice on honesty and dedication? Isn’t he currently on trial over 47 charges involving alleged money laundering, bribery and criminal breach of trust [to quote a Malay Mail article dated 11 February 2020]?


And who does he have in mind when he praises the appointment of MPs as something that is good for the country? The millionaire former federal territories minister who is facing charges of accepting RM2 million from a developer? [NST 4th March 2020]

Or perhaps former Tabung Haji chairman and Baling MP Abdul Azeez Rahim who was slapped with three charges of receiving bribes worth RM5.2 million and nine charges of money laundering amounting to RM139.3 million? [NST report dated 25th September 2019]

Or is it Johor Baru Umno division chief Shahrir Abdul Samad or Pontian MP Ahmad Maslan who were both brought to court earlier this year to face charges under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001? [The Star, 20th January 2020]

Any party which has this many of its members being charged with corruption, money laundering and abuse of power not only forfeits the right to talk about honesty and integrity, they ought to be entirely disqualified from holding any kind of public office forever.