Guan Eng: Why Is MACC Chief Azam Baki Behaving So Personally Against Me?

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He has challenged me to lodge a police report or take MACC to court following my Facebook comment: “I had to change into the (MACC) orange T-shirt and sleep on the wooden floor in a small lock-up (no pillow, no mattress), unlike my predecessor, who did not spend a single night in the lock-up. Whether this is double standards, only MACC can answer.”

In the FB post, I didn’t comment on my treatment by MACC officers while in custody on August 6 and 7. I only asked MACC why my predecessor was not given the treatment I received – placed in a lock-up wearing the MACC lock-up T-shirt.

To refresh Azam’s memory, this is a video clip of my predecessor stating he was not placed in a lock-up on September 20, 2018, but instead, he was placed in the MACC building.

At no time was his statement rebutted and corrected by Azam. Can Azam explain the matter, so that we can seek truth from facts, in his capacity as MACC chief acting fairly and impartially, instead of trying to distract by issuing challenges against an opposition parliamentarian like me? – TMI

The views expressed here are /strictly those of Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng.