“I want to retire, but the rakyat still want me” Seriously?

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“I want to retire, but I can’t because the rakyat want me back” – very often we, the “dumb” rakyat have heard this phrase from politicians.


They have been around for decades and squeezed the country and rakyat dry, and yet they do not want to let go.

Why are these have-beens clinging on to the last thread and do not want to give other capable, credible younger leaders a chance?

I was shocked when I read a statement by a particular old-timer politician recently that the “rakyat still need him”.

Seriously? Do the rakyat really need you, or you still need to squeeze the rakyat of their last drop of blood?

We, as voters need to be very wary of these venomous snakes in the upcoming polls. Some of the smaller parties which recently mushroomed from nowhere because nobody else wanted certain “leaders” are now trying to wriggle their way into becoming part of other more established political parties.

These unscrupulous old-timers know that the next general election is a free-for-all and they will do anything, sell their souls, if possible, to get back in.

A good lesson would be the last general election when the Opposition coalition decided to “pakat” with certain some-ones and look where they ended up.

It is sad how easily close allies can turn their backs on each other and without hesitation share their beds with those they once despised.

What drives them? Money, greed, power most likely.

The political manoeuvrings by these “political snakes” makes you want to vomit blood. There are no principles, no ethics, nothing.

Their main agenda is to plunder, plunder and plunder until their deathbeds. What they fail to realise is that the same little worm that is going to eat the flesh of the pauper is the one that is also going to feed off their decaying bodies.

Voters like us need to be super careful of these wolves in sheep clothing and choose wisely come the next polls.

It is time we completely reject these “political snakes” and not fall for their rubbish “the rakyat still want me” phrase.

The views expressed here are strictly those of The True Net reader Mohd Ariffin Mohd Izam from Teluk Intan.