Kadir Wants Malaysian Authorities to Do a Mossad on Jho Low

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A Kadir Jasin has called for an end to the protracted cat-and-mouse game between the Malaysian authorities and fugitive financier Jho Low.

He also urged the authorities to emulate the Israeli intelligence arm, Mossad.

Kadir did not explain if this meant abducting Low as in the case of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in 1960 or the more recent 2010 assassination of Hamas military wing co-founder Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a hotel room in Dubai, both of which were blamed on Mossad.

However, the veteran newsman indicated that he wanted Low to be still breathing when brought back to Malaysia to face charges over the 1MDB scandal.

“So let’s do a Mossad and get our hands on him. This should not be too difficult since our law enforcement agencies and their top brass have been telling us that they know his whereabouts.

Lim Huey Teng/Malaysiakini

“Let’s not beat around the bush any more. Just dig him out of the wormhole, as promised, and bring him back to Malaysia kicking and screaming,” he added in a blog post today.

Kadir, who is also Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s media advisor, was commenting on the latest news reports regarding Low, including that he had obtained a Cypriot passport.

He also shared his thoughts on Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador complaining that the authorities in the country where Low was hiding are uncooperative, giving bizarre excuses that the fugitive now resembled a bear after undergoing plastic surgery and walked like an ox.

Kadir does not believe that the well-heeled Low would want to look like a bear and pointed out that it would have denied him the right to hold a passport as well.

“He is more likely to go under the knife to look like the devastatingly handsome (actor) Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Why look like a scruffy bear when your 1MDB loot, even after having been partially surrendered to the US Department of Justice, can make you look like DiCaprio or Humphrey Bogart?

Lim Huey Teng/Malaysiakini

“After all, he was living out a movie-life in Hollywood until we exposed him as being the mastermind and bagman for the former prime minister sometime after the 2013 general election,” he added.

Following the information that he possessed a Cypriot passport, Kadir said it would be easier for the Malaysian authorities to track him down.

“With a valid passport, he may be inclined to travel more widely and could let his guard down.

“Cypriot passports and citizenship can actually be obtained cheaply and openly from 2.15 million euros (about RM10 million) onwards and Low could have bought other for-sale passports as well,” he added. – Malaysiakini