Kit Siang: The Lesson from the New Political Persecution of Guan Eng, Betty Chew

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After 55 years in Malaysian politics fighting for a better Malaysia, I was inclined to take a back seat – especially after a recent hospitalisation laid me off from active operation for an extended period.

China Press

But this was not to be.

The lesson from the new political persecution of Lim Guan Eng and Betty Chew is the truism of the famous Edmund Burke quote that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Susan Loone/Malaysiakini

Many Malaysians had been disappointed by the 22-month performance of the Pakatan Harapan Government, but it had a mandate of five years to acquit itself.

When the 2018 General Election mandate was stolen in February 2020 by a backdoor conspiracy, there was widespread disillusionment, despair and even a sense of hopelessness that the country could fully develop its potential to become a world-class nation with unity, democracy, justice, freedom, excellence, integrity and decency.

We are celebrating the National Day in three weeks’ time.

When we achieved Merdeka over six decades ago, we were among the most successful nations in Asia. Today, we seem condemned to compete with the second and third liners like Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and others in South-East Asia.

Malaysians made history on May 9, 2018, giving the country a second chance to reset nation-building policies so that Malaysia will not become a failed and rogue state, on top of being a kakistocracy and global kleptocracy.

Are all these achievements to go to nought as a result of the backdoor conspiracy of Sheraton Move?

Many Malaysians had despaired and even thrown in the towel since the infamous Sheraton Move in February.

But Malaysians cannot afford to despair or to surrender.

A new and great Malaysia cannot be accomplished in 22 months or even in five years.

But Malaysians must be in a new trajectory to share a common vision and perspective, where Malaysians, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, or Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus or Taoists, have more in common with each other than any other person in the world, enjoying unity, democracy, justice, freedom, excellence, integrity and decency.

Remember Burke – The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!

Let all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, region, gender, age or station continue the quest for Malaysia to become a top world-class nation by leveraging on the values and assets of the diverse races, religions, languages, cultures and civilizations which meet in confluence in Malaysia!

Let us all put the shoulder to the wheel to effect change in Malaysia!

Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah on Sunday, 9th August 2020.