Litmus test for support for a designated candidate must be unequivocal

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Political aspirants are only great if they are united and despite a false marriage of Perikatan Nasional, they knew how to present a united front when necessary.

Malaysians are again left frustrated by the outcome of yet another game of musical chairs in selecting a Prime Minister. The internet is democratic, and many were quick to share compounded frustration in trending hashtags, petitions, and even memes. How well it translated into a ground movement could even be seen in the #lawan demonstration with equal result of transgression by the authorities in series of crackdowns and intimidation.

The sentiment was, however, lost among political leaders in this nation. Reading into the law regulating general public against spreading of Covid-19 seems to have reserve moral justification for elite leaders to gather in preventing the harm democracy could do to their respective position of power. While we were struggling to find means of public transportation to meet at Dataran Merdeka, they were being ferried in Vellfires (the unofficial national car for politicians) into places that were inaccessible unless you wore the hypocritical badge of honour. Ironically, we also witnessed misinterpretation of working from home by the previous Prime Minister where on many occasions it even took place at his residence! Kudos to the Director General of Health Ministry for empathising their need to relax the Standard Operating Procedures for the sake of saving a government!

Rest is history as the offer made by a PM on live telecast after losing a majority (although we never got to see it tested in Parliament) we still had to accept his words just like how we have been living for the past year with an emergency order and lockdowns that was pertinent to save this nation! All we got in the end was reopening of more economic sectors even in phase 1 states not because it was already safe but necessary for livelihood in the words of our beloved DG of Health Ministry.

The pandemic has certainly exposed weaknesses in our society and governance to which a central theme for reforms has been the cry for many. Unfortunately, this can never be achieved if we continuously fail to understand how the system works to our advantage.

What we can learn from the selection of three PMs after just one General Election is that the litmus test for support (majority) for a designated candidate must be unequivocal. Before we speak of reforms requiring 2/3 majority in Parliament, the ‘pH level’ within opposition itself often leaves with irregular results. Political aspirants are only great if they are united and despite a false marriage of Perikatan Nasional, they knew how to present a united front when necessary.

Reminds me of the fictional character Lord Mortdecai when asked by his wife if he had an extramarital affair to which he replied,” Oh, my darling, I tried desperately to be unfaithful to you, I really did. But I just couldn’t do it.” Echoing his moment of epiphany Lady Johanna exclaimed, “It’s a terrible moment when you are finding yourself falling in love with your own spouse, isn’t it?”. Such must have been Tan Sri Mahiaddin Yassin’s acceptance despite refusing to work with kleptocrats.

Decentralisation is already being accepted by society in cryptocurrencies, relief work during pandemic, and it would not be revolutionary to think its adoption can succeed in administrative policies one day. The onslaught of political factions can be neutralised by informing every one of their rights and choices in selecting respective community leader. The white flag and black shirt movement is a consolidation of rakyat’s power without imposing values or one’s ideals. It is merely a collaboration/joint effort in addressing a compounded frustration.

Together we can succeed in keeping our country in check. Sometimes we forget our constitutional powers and allow a moment of weakness leave us beaten. Let the new PM do his job while we continue putting up our fight against this virus.

The views expressed here are strictly those of The True Net reader Aidi Amin from Subang Jaya.