Mariam Mokhtar questions Radzi’s silence about the teacher who joked about rape

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No one, including the headmaster of her school, dares to stick their necks out and do the right thing.

Education Minister, Radzi Jidin, why are you silent about the teacher who joked about rape? The teenager who exposed him has now received a rape threat from a fellow student. Radzi should be sacked! He is incompetent, ineffective and clueless; but he is one of Maihaddin’s best performers!

Three days after 17-year-old Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam highlighted rape jokes made by a male teacher at a Kuala Selangor school, she has since received a rape threat from her classmate.

The link for the full article is here.

Ain Husniza said, “Yes, I got a rape threat from one of my male schoolmates at school. I cried. #MakeSchoolASaferPlace.


“But nevertheless, boys like him are exactly the reason why I continue my fight, teachers that continuously ‘infect’ that kind of mindset into boys need to be purged from our education system”

Ain Husniza’s father, Saiful Nizam, will lodge a separate police report. He made one yesterday, about the inappropriate remarks made by the male teacher.

Saiful said that his daughter was threatened with rape, from her classmate because the student and teacher were unhappy about what happened and felt that Ain Husniza’s actions had ‘sullied’ the good name of the school.

What good name? The student and teacher should be punished severely. No wonder Malaysia is a sick society. Malays bangun lah.

The teacher and the student gave us a glimpse into the mindset of the average Malaysian. When they disagree with other people’s opinions, they will threaten, and in this case, Ain Husniza, who did the right thing, has herself been threatened for speaking out.

Where is the Minister for Education, Radzi Jidin, to deal with this threat?

Where is the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development, Rina Harun?

They are weak, incompetent and clueless about dealing with issues like this.

These ministers are happy to perform easy jobs like opening a hotel, a school, or have photo shoots showing off their new image.

We have incompetent teachers. We also have incompetent and irresponsible ministers who are scared about taking action. They do not want to upset others.

Maihaddin aka Muhyiddin Yassin’s Malay majority government has shown other Malaysians that it is NOT capable of ruling. He and PN are failures of the first degree.

Where are the voices of condemnation from the Teacher’s Union, the Parents Teachers association, the Civil Servants union, women/children NGOs and academia?

Where is their voice?

No wonder ordinary Malaysians despise these silent people who have the authority to act but won’t.

No one, including the headmaster of her school, dares to stick their necks out and do the right thing. – Rebuilding Malaysia