Mariam Mokhtar: Something Stinks in the MACC and AGC

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Here is some background information about Riza, son of Rosmah, stepson of disgraced Najib Abdul Razak aka kelptocrat, and Riza’s alleged theft of the rakyat’s 1MDB money.


28 February: Former attorney-general Tommy Thomas resigns

2 April: The Edge in a report dated April 2 said that the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has yet to answer a representation by Riza to review his money-laundering charges involving US$248 million allegedly misappropriated from 1MDB funds. This was disclosed by his lawyer, Datuk Hariharan Tara Singh, when asked on the outcome of the representation.

This means that Tommy Thomas cannot have agreed if Riza’s lawyers had to approach the AGC for an answer.

In other words, why would Riza contact the AGC, in April, if Tommy Thomas had already agreed before he resigned in February?

The former attorney-general Tommy Thomas (TT)

TT has reportedly disputed MACC’s claim that he had agreed to the plea bargain between the prosecution and movie producer Riza Abdul Aziz.

According to The Malaysian Insight today, Thomas said he was aware that Riza’s lawyers had made representations to his chambers regarding the money laundering charges against their client.

This was brought to his attention by his special officer Rahayu Mamuzaini, he reportedly said, and he had handed the documents to special prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram after perusing it.

Sri Ram, who was prosecuting the case against Riza, was reportedly told to examine the representations made by Riza’s lawyers, but as far as the prosecution was concerned, nothing happened after this.

“I resigned two-and-a-half months ago and up to that point, there was no agreement to drop charges against Riza. So, it is wholly untrue and fabrication to say that I had agreed to the decision.


“I am terribly disappointed that the MACC had to make this false statement,” The Malaysian Insight quoted Thomas as saying.

The MACC chief commissioner Azam Baki

Azam reportedly told Free Malaysia Today that a deputy public prosecutor involved in the case had told him that Thomas agreed to the plea bargain.

“This is an ongoing case in court, so whatever decision is made by the deputy public prosecutor.

“We inform the public about what’s happening. That’s all […]

“Without their statement and permission, we wouldn’t have made any kind of confirmation to the public. This is what we were informed.


“Never mind if the former A-G wants to deny, that’s up to him. We stand by our statement,” he was quoted as saying.


  1. Tommy Thomas resigned, and a new A-G took TT’s post.

Why is the new A-G very quiet about this Riza case?

2. Muhyiddin Yassin swept into power by the backdoor and replaced or found new people to lead key institutions. New men, new policies, new way of doing things.

Do you mean to say, that the new A-G does not scrutinise the decision of the former A-G, especially in a high-profile case as this?

Something is not right.

3. The remarks of the MACC chief are very curious. He said that “a deputy public prosecutor involved in the case had told him that Thomas agreed to the plea bargain.”

Can Azam name the DPP and the circumstances of his remarks?

Was it said in passing in the corridor, or was it over coffee, or in a meeting?

So, did Azam believe the DPP’s words at face value, without any black-and-white from the DPP, or proof, about TT’s supposed agreement?

4. It is obvious this deal will anger the public.

Surely an astute MACC boss should have questioned it or sent it back to the AGC for confirmation or clarification.

Instead, Azam said it was all done and dusted by Tommy Thomas.

It appears to be very convenient for him to redirect the public outrage towards TT.

So, why did Azam not query the deal?

5. What has Gopal Sri Ram to say about this sordid mess? Was his arm twisted? Is he not aware what one of his men told the MACC’s Azam?

6. Out of all the main players, we wonder if anyone has close ties with disgraced Rosmah and the equally disgraced Najib and will bend over backwards to please them?

7. So, whose reputation would you trust?

The moral of Riza’s warped justice is that when one is found guilty of stealing the rakyat’s money, the best way to escape jail, hefty fines and shame, especially if one is from an “elite” Malay family, is to return half of it, and keep the other half.

Muhyiddin, MACC and AG…do you realise the damage your message has inflicted on the Malaysian youth? – Rebuilding Malaysia