Mariam Mokhtar: The IGP and hypocrisy

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Could he tell us if stern action was taken against corrupt politicians, members of the police cartel and civil servants?

The Inspector-General of Police, Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, vowed to take stern action against any “stubborn” quarters that either organise or join in a protest.


He announced this after Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat (SSR) threatened to hold a second #Lawan street rally on 21 August if Mahiadding Yassin doesn’t resign by then.

If only Mr IGP was as determined to go after corrupt former and current prime ministers, corrupt former and current politicians/civil servants/cronies/family members of politicians, instead of targeting normal law-abiding citizens who want their voices heard criticising our authoritarian regime.

How about taking stern action against corrupt policemen and members of the police cartel?

Mr IGP should stop practising double standards.

So, was he forced to stay this, or else lose his job?

Does the IGP need a reminder?

  • The politicians who gathered in secret at a house in Jalan Bellamy and on other days, gathered at Mahiaddin’s house, air force meeting room, hotels or those at durian parties? What stern action was taken against them?
  • The politicians, ministers and celebrities who flouted the strict rules on the SOP to curb the spread of Coronavirus. and who ignored being quarantined when they returned from overseas trips. What stern action was taken against them?
  • The detainees and suspects, who died at the hands of the police, whilst they were on remand? What stern action was taken against the policemen?
  • The racist bigots and especially the racist and insensitive Mentri Besar of Kedah. What stern action was taken against them?
  • The Malays who insulted the people of other faiths, and who insulted their religions. What stern action was taken against the people who clearly incited violence?
  • The balik kampung crowd who was responsible for multiple clusters after Hari Raya. What stern action was taken against them?
  • The illegal gatherings in mosques, tabligh venues, suraus and other places. What stern action was taken against them?

How does the IGP expect the rakyat to respect him, when the PDRM practices double standards?

The police must treat everyone equally, and not have one rule for the rakyat, and another for the politicians. – Rebuilding Malaysia