Mariam Mokhtar: Want to know why former and current senior civil servants are upset with Tommy Thomas’ book?

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The thing that can easily rile many Malays, especially civil servants, is their egos. It’s HUGE.

They don’t take kindly to criticism. Some may claim that by extension, any criticism is also an attack on their race and religion.

When under attack, they lodge police reports.

My experience of the Malay worker is that if you tell him what you really think of his work performance, even in the nicest of terms, he takes it as a personal slight. Instead of learning from his mistakes and working on his shortcomings, he will act like a wounded beast.

He howls like his soul is tormented, his fangs are bared, and his claws are exposed, but in modern-day Malaysia, the police report becomes the Malay man’s metaphorical fang and claw. He will then attempt to draw the metaphorical first blood, with a lawsuit.

This is the consequence of five decades of brainwashing by Umno and Umno-Baru. If an MRI scan were to be made of his brain, you’d have great difficulty locating it, because the central cortex is dominated by a pulsating, throbbing volcanic orange blob  – his ego.

The bigger the Malay ego, the more he is insecure and the easier it is for others to manipulate him.

The following were upset by TT’s book.

The felon, Najib Abdul Razak, his brother, Nazir, former solicitor-general, Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria, former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali, and current AG Idrus Harun.

They have aroused my curiosity. Thank you for the publicity and recommendation.

Will now buy the book! – Rebuilding Malaysia