MAS Grounded by Greed and Incapable Leaders

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Employees left to pay for all the plundering by past corrupt administrators.

It is sad when the innocent rakyat end up being the victims of greed, corruption and poor management, such as the case of Malaysia Airlines.


At one time, I recall, MAS was among the top airlines in the world and flying MAS was something very prestigious indeed.

Over the years, I noticed the airline went through several incidents and in each of these, the staff were the ones who suffered.

Each time there was some kind of revamp, employees would end up being retrenched.

Personally, I know of a few who suffered that fate and the kind of pain and suffering their families went through.

Now, it has come to a point again where the employees are uncertain of their future, all thanks to the incompetence and greed of certain individuals.

It looks like each time there was a leadership change in MAS, it was not to turnaround the airline, but to further milk it.

Today, it is bleeding and nobody seems to have the answers to help turn it around.

MAS is sadly, just one of the many companies which had been milked dry by Barisan Nasional and its cronies.

I hope the current administration can come up with some way of turning the airline around without more employees having to lose their jobs.

The most painful and upsetting thing here is that those who were responsible are probably now just sitting back and enjoying their lives while others pay for what they did.

As one who believes strongly in karma, I am sure there will be judgement day for those greedy, corrupt individuals soon enough.

Jonathan Anyi is a TTN reader. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of TTN.