Najib to Authorities: “Can I Advise You Something” on Sex Videos?

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Najib Abdul Razak has claimed that it is not difficult for the authorities to determine who were the individuals in the controversial gay sex videos, implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.

The former premier titled his Facebook post, “Can I advise you something, pihak berkuasa (authorities)?”

This was a swipe at the audio recordings which the MACC revealed yesterday of Najib’s telephone conversations in 2016 with several individuals with regard to the 1MDB scandal.

One of the recordings was a conversation between him and his wife Rosmah Mansor, where the latter is heard shouting, “Can I advise you something?”

“Actually, it is not difficult for the authorities to know who are the people in the videos. That is if the authorities want to,” said Najib in the post this evening.

“During their ‘action’ in the videos, the TV volume was turned up high. The CCTV recording from the hotel was also submitted to the authorities.

“The time can be checked. Who entered whose room in the CCTV recording and compare this with the time the particular TV show was aired in the videos,” he added.

The former premier was responding to attorney-general Tommy Thomas’ statement that there would be no prosecution with regard to the video since the identities of the two men cannot be established.

Najib pointed out that former Santubong PKR chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz had admitted being the person in the video as well as who his partner was.

“Or did Haziq lodge a false police report?” he asked.

“But poor Haziq, with the AG’s announcement, he must now be wondering who he was with during that memorable night (malam penuh kenangan). Surely, he must be dumbfounded,” he added.

Najib also suggested that the hotel manager might need to “samak” (act of purification) the hotel room after the A-G’s announcement.

In Islam, samak is performed when a Muslim comes into contact with a dog or pig.

The videos first surfaced on June 11, 2019 when they were leaked to members of the media through Whatsapp groups.

The next day, Haziq released a video in which he confessed to being one of the men in the video and alleged that the other person was Azmin.

He claimed that their sexual romp occurred at the Four Points Hotel during the Sandakan by-election in Sabah last year.

Azmin, who is also PKR deputy president, had described the videos as an attempt to ruin his political career and was convinced that it was an inside job. – Malaysiakini

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