Oops…Here We Go Again

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So what benefit is this gay sex scandal going to bring?

Just when we thought things would get better.

Once again, low down gutter politics has surfaced – also involving another sex video.

This time, the victim is Mohamed Azmin Ali, whom many alleged was tipped to be the next Prime Minister.

Could the gay sex video be retaliation from another faction in PKR unhappy over the appointment of the new MACC chief?

Whatever the reason, I am sure Malaysians are just fed up with this kind of nonsense.

When voters opted for change, they were hoping for something better – a government that would bring positive changes to the nation.

However, today, for most of us, it seems like déjà vu.

There are more important issues to attend to – what about the numerous Orang Asli who are dying due to contamination?

For the man in the street, a video of two men being intimate is not going to bring food to his table.

Sex scandals seem to have become a norm for Malaysian politics, but for the man in the street, it is all a total waste of time.

For most of us, we just want things to get better from what it was under Barisan Nasional, not BN 2.0.

For those involved in the allegations, it is best reports are lodged and the matter investigated.

These politicians are merely using the media as their tools to discredit each other.

I really hope Pakatan Harapan can rise above all this and fulfil what the voters want.

Otherwise, we may as well just vote BN back into power come the next general election.