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Why Is Tun M So Reluctant to Make Anwar PM?

The whole Reformasi movement was what led to the downfall of BN.

Advisers PH Ministers Could Do With

Ministers should invest more on getting better advisers rather than shooting off their mouths.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

Sex video - a litmus test for Pakatan Harapan, says Kadir Jasin.

Why the Double Standards?

How the gay porn matter is handled could determine the outcome of the next GE.

Time for Azmin to Clear the Air

It has been more than a week and the gay porn saga involving Azmin Ali continues.

Two Similar Sex Scandals, but Allegations Played Down This Time Around

Similar gay sex allegations against Anwar Ibrahim but allegations against Azmin Ali played down.

Oops…Here We Go Again

So what benefit is this gay sex scandal going to bring?

Is There More to Latheefa’s Appointment?

Why did Dr M not consult the Cabinet and remain so quiet about the appointment of Latheefa as the MACC chief.

Of English and the Malaysian Minister

The ability to speak proper English should be a requirement to enter politics.

Between a Page One Story and the Children Involved

A local national daily has gone to town with a story involving a CEO's personal life.

Let Us Clean Up Our Home First

Should we be lending a hand to others when there is still so much to do here.

Council Officers Posing as Cooks and Waiters

Enforcement officers going undercover as waiters and cooks to nab those not fasting.

So, Is This Boy’s Mother Also a Millionaire?

The clock is ticking and Pakatan Harapan has plenty to lose if it does not get its act together soon.

The Persistent Problem of Collecting from PTPTN Defaulters

The problems the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) face in collecting payments.

Do We Blame Social Media or Society?

What prompted respondents to encourage a teenage girl to kill herself




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