Ramkarpal: Rakyat Did Not Vote for Backdoor Government

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There should not be any political manoeuvres in the background to form a backdoor government because this was not what the rakyat wanted in voting for Pakatan Harapan (PH), said Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh.

The DAP man said that allowing for such a change in government would only result in people rejecting PH in the next polls.

“Did the rakyat vote for a possible Pakatan Nasional, inclusive of the likes of Umno and PAS?” he said in a statement released yesterday evening.

“Did the rakyat expect a ‘realignment’ of the government they chose so soon after GE14?

“It is time we go back to the rakyat. We are here because of them, not because of anything else.

“They chose a new Malaysia. They dreamt of reforms.

“If there are political manoeuvres in the background, it must stop now or we will face the wrath of the rakyat in the next elections,” he said, responding to rumours of a new political pact involving PAS, Umno, Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Bersatu and other interested parties.

The idea of this new pact – dubbed Pakatan Nasional – is to ensure there is a Malay-Muslim government in place.

PAS has also said it would be tabling a confidence motion to support Prime Minister Dr Mahathir in the next parliament sitting.

Ramkarpal said that the make-up of PH today was very different from what it was when it had won the last general election.

“Today, we have political frogs within our midst, ready to jump again at the earliest opportunity of a better future, regardless of what their voters wished,” he said.

He said the realignment of the government was possible because there are no laws in this country outlawing party hopping. – TMI