So, Is This Boy’s Mother Also a Millionaire?

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The clock is ticking and Pakatan Harapan has plenty to lose if it does not get its act together soon.

So, if every Chinese family in the country was wealthy, then why did this Form Six student apply and appeal thrice to get into a matriculation programme?

Chew Man Fei from SMJK San Min scored 8As and 2Bs in his SPM and was hoping to get into a matriculation programme so it could help fast track his path to a public university.

His mother works as a clerk and is certainly not a millionaire as some may assume.

In view of this, Chew, 19, said he wanted to get into a public university to keep expenses at a minimum.

Chew explained that the matriculation programme was his first choice so that he could have the option to take up his preferred courses upon completion.

Just like Chew, many non-Muslims in the country face the same predicament and this is something the government needs to address immediately.

In case Pakatan Harapan (PH) forgot, the Chinese played a key role in ensuring their electoral victory.

We can safely conclude that while they will not return to the MCA which had failed them for years, they may also just turn their backs on the DAP also.

Education is something which the Chinese and Indians hold very dear to them and once you mess around with this, it could spell danger.

Perhaps they would simply opt not to come out and vote at all in the next general election, leaving the fate of the nation in the hands of the Muslims only.

It is high time PH put its foot down on certain issues and do what is beneficial to the rakyat.

Yes, we understand you need to bring the corrupt to book, but that is not going to put food on our table.

What we want to see now and in the next three to four years are actions which are going to help improve our lives.

No more making baseless, non-beneficial statements and harping on non-issues.

The days to the next GE are fast approaching and the rakyat are tired of waiting for results – maybe it is time for the non-performers to leave and not just hold on for personal interests.

Surely there are more capable leaders within their respective parties who can do a better job if given the chance.