So, What’s the Real Story Behind the Drug Party?

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The rumour mill has it that the owner of the premise who is also allegedly linked to a minister organised the party to clinch some big-time contracts.

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Sex and drugs – a fine combination indeed, but certainly not for politicians, especially if they get caught.

There is certainly more to this and the police, along with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should probe further to find out who the actual big-fish is behind it all.

In the media circle, there are rumours that this entire fiasco is linked to a prominent cabinet minister and the authorities should investigate and expose this.

Pictures of the women involved in the wild party have also since gone viral and police should investigate who they are and what kind of services they were offering.

Were they prostitutes or were they there for something else?

When the media contacted the said assemblyperson the following morning, he simply denied the entire thing and said he had been home the whole time.

What a blatant lie. By right, he should do the honourable thing and resign.

Had this been in another country, I am sure those involved would have resigned by now.

However, here, having been caught red-handed, they shamelessly walk around with their heads held high.

Perhaps they are being protected by some hidden hands that are indeed very powerful.

As it is now, Pakatan Harapan (PH) is already having an uphill task winning the confidence of the electorate, what more with this incident?

Are PH politicians trying to hand victory over to the Barisan Nasional on a silver platter come the next general election?

The dust has even yet to settle over a certain gay porn video fiasco involving a minister when another scandal crops up.

As a voter, this is something unacceptable and though they may continuously deny it, everyone knows what transpired that night.

It was a private premise, there were girls, drugs and almost everyone was tested positive for drug abuse – what more evidence do you need.

Sad for these guys is that someone was not too happy about the wild party and decided to tip off the authorities.

Just hope the authorities involved will investigate this entire matter without fear or favour.