Top 10 messages that backdoor govt is game over

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The Rulers were not in favour of rallying behind the self-proclaimed stupid prime minister.


Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin should have consulted a “Feng-Shui” master on the most prosperous date and time to officially use his given name – Mahiaddin Md Yasin – instead of his glamour name “Muhyiddin Yassin”. Of all the dates available, he chose June 16 to publicly instruct all civil servants to use his official name in formal letters and documents.

It was already bad that his name sounds extremely vulgar when pronounced in certain languages and dialect. It’s worse when June 16 was also the date nine Malay Rulers were supposed to decide the prime minister’s fate at the palace after meeting with 18 political party leaders. It was a bad sign when the Sultans took nearly three hours to conclude the emergency meeting.

Immediately after the meeting, Sultan Abdullah tactically announced two critical messages to everyone, especially PM Mahiaddin, who had paid a visit to the Agong a day earlier to get tips on how to impress the nine Malay Monarchies before the June 16 extraordinary meeting. The King said the Parliament should reconvene and no extension of the State of Emergency.

Obviously, it was a very unlucky day for Mahiaddin, who finally has to adopt his given name, which he despised very much. The illegitimate premier has been using the suspension of the Parliament by virtue of a Proclamation of Emergency to cling to power since January 12. Mahiaddin’s PPBM (Bersatu) party, who led the loosely glued Perikatan Nasional coalition, was plunged into panic mode.


It appears that even if the King was trying to help the clueless and incompetent leadership of Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin, the excruciating three-hour royal meeting suggests that the majority of the Rulers were not in favour of rallying behind the self-proclaimed stupid prime minister. At the very least, the influential Sultan Johor, Sultan Selangor and Sultan Perak had thrown Mahiaddin under the bus.

In their desperate attempt to twist and spin the Royal decree, some half-past-six leaders of the regime have expressed not only silly remarks but also disrespected and insulted the Malay Rulers. For example, de facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan had tried to be clever when he argued that since the Agong says Parliament should reconvene soonest possible, it can be any time the prime minister likes.


That’s the problem when a backdoor government sends a boy to do a man’s work. Takiyuddin, secretary-general of Islamist party PAS, should realise that he’s a minister, not a kindergarten student. When the King says as soon as possible, it means immediately. The only reason the monarch did not specify an exact date is to give face to Mahiaddin and his minions.

Does the regime really want the monarch to publicly humiliate and lecture it about when to reopen the Parliament? The disgraced regime should read between the lines about the displeasure of the nine Malay Rulers as contained in the Royal decree. In fact, if one cares to dissect the royal press statements, it actually contains more hidden messages as follows:

(Message 1) The government has failed to contain Covid-19 despite emergency

The monarchies said the Coronavirus daily infections are still very high despite the current State of Emergency. Essentially, this means that despite PM Mahiaddin’s successful mission in convincing or scamming King Sultan Abdullah to agree with the emergency rule, which was consented on January 12, it was a huge mistake as it has failed to combat the virus.

Unlike previously where Sultan Abdullah did not consult his brother Rulers, all the nine monarchies had met this round and decided to take back the toy from Mahiaddin. The 2,000 daily Covid cases before the state of emergency were declared had skyrocketed to as high as 9,020 daily infections on May 29. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to tell that the emergency is the wrong tool.


With 5,738 daily Covid-19 cases and 60 fatalities recorded on June 17, the total cases have hit 678,764 with a 4,202 death toll. Before the Proclamation of Emergency on January 12, there were only 138,224 cumulative cases and 555 cumulative deaths. That means the total cases and deaths have jumped 4.9 and 7.5 times respectively in just five months since the emergency.

(Message 2) The government must increase vaccination and reduce bureaucracy

The fact that the royal press release says vaccination must be increased while at the same time bureaucracy must be reduced speaks volumes about inefficiency and incompetence. The vaccination has only been increased recently after the daily cases hit a record 9,020 and 126 deaths. With 5.1 million doses administered (June 16) since Feb 24, the average daily vaccination rate is merely 45,535 doses.

The message also means that the Malay Rulers knew about corruptions attached to mega-sized vaccination centre aggressively promoted by Vaccine Minister Khairy Jamaluddin. The people, especially those in the rural areas, must be allowed to walk into clinics or halls to receive vaccines with just their IC (Identification Card), instead of the RM70 million MySejahtera app.

(Message 3) The government has abandoned the people and mismanaged the economy

The royal press release specifically mentioned the grave concerns of the country’s economy and finance – suggesting that Mahiaddin administration has mismanaged the economy at best and has plundered national coffers at worst. Besides unstable political climate, the peoples’ unity is cracking – indicating that the divisive Perikatan Nasional that plays race and religion cards is not a healthy government.


More importantly, the Malay Rulers recognise that hungry people are angry people when the royalties mentioned the hardship and unemployment faced by the people on the street. Heck, the challenges and difficulties faced by schools and learning centres were also raised, meaning the Sultans knew about the broken promise of the government in giving 500,000 laptops to students.


In short, the Sultans have doubts about the trustworthiness of the Mahiaddin government. The people simply do not feel any direct or spill-over economic effect of RM660 billion, being the various stimulus packages totalling RM340 billion and RM322 billion allocations for the national budget. The royalties wanted the lawmakers to investigate what had happened to all the money.

(Message 4) Government must be stable, strong and effective

To gain people and investors’ confidence, a stable, strong and effective government is desired. In what appears to be a slap in the face of Mahiaddin, who has shamelessly abused the State of Emergency to shut down the Parliament to cling to power, the Royal Households also mentioned that a government must have the support from the majority of the people.

Surprisingly, the royal statement also lectures the government about the importance of respect for check-and-balance mechanism. The monarchies want the restoration of the separation of powers involving the three pillars – Legislature, Executive, Judiciary – to prevent abuse of power, accountability, integrity and transparency, especially in financial and expenditure matters.

From confusion over lockdown rules and turtle-paced vaccination to U-turn policies and double standards in enforcing restrictions, the backdoor government has allowed the country to fly on auto-pilot without a clear direction. The message is a polite way of telling Mahiaddin to resign since he has also lost his support in the Parliament.

(Message 5) Government must stop the lies that Parliament cannot open due to Covid

In a message to the government not to insult the peoples’ intelligence, each of the nine Malay Rulers said the State Assembly of their respective state should be re-opened. Pointing to several countries that have conducted Parliament sessions successfully without a total lockdown like Malaysia, the royal press release disagreed that Parliament cannot be opened due to risk of Covid outbreak.

Malaysia is the only country in the world that has declared an emergency as well as lock up Parliament under the pretext of fighting Coronavirus. And this perhaps has also made all the Sultans the laughing stocks. There’s no evidence based on science or data that suggest Parliament meeting is dangerous. After all, all ministers have been fully vaccinated. The government should stop the childish lies.

(Message 6) Vaccination is the only exit strategy

There’s only one recovery plan or exit strategy to curb the spread of Covid pandemic – vaccination. Therefore, the government should seriously expedite the vaccination to achieve herd immunity and not manipulate data or tweak the vaccination rate to serve its selfish purpose of staying in power after losing its majority support in the Parliament.

It also means Prime Minister Mahiaddin’s hastily manufactured Covid-19 National Recovery Plan, which was presented less than 24 hours before the royal emergency meeting on June 16, can be thrown into the dustbin. The scam to hoodwink the Sultans has backfired. Whatever bullshit cooked up by Mahiaddin, Azmin Ali and Hamzah Zainudin is irrelevant.

(Message 7) Parliament must reconvene to debate emergency and recovery plan

Mahiaddin’s minions and supporters try to play with technicality after the Agong said the Parliament should reconvene as soon as possible. Takiyuddin, the minister with the “IQ of a carrot”, happily claimed it could be as late as September, as suggested by the prime minister. Which part of “debate Emergency laws and the National Recovery Plan” that they don’t understand?

If the Parliament reopens only in September, exactly what’s the point of debating the National Recovery Plan as it would be more than three months in progress already. Like it or not, the King’s decree seems to suggest that the emergency laws and recovery plan introduced by the regime are suspicious and thus, should be grilled and scrutinised by lawmakers in the Parliament.

(Message 8) Democracy must be restored – dictatorship can go fly kite

The Malay Rulers specifically mentioned the importance of constitutional monarchy and the parliamentary democracy system. The message is crystal clear – while the Monarch may be the de facto head of state or a purely ceremonial leader, at the same time, parliamentary democracy must be alive and must not be locked down by a power-hungry dictator as what is happening now.

And if people start voicing their anger and displeasure, the Agong and his brother Rulers have the responsibility to study such complaints to ensure justice is delivered and to prevent the possibility and perception of abuse of power. Mahiaddin had humiliated the King when his regime belittled and ignored the monarch’s decree in February for the Parliament to reconvene. Now, they’re paying the price.

(Message 9) No extension for emergency beyond Aug 1

This was the biggest news flash on June 16 after the royal emergency meeting. The royal press statement simply says that there is no need for the country to be parked under a State of Emergency after its expiry on August 1. There are no relationships, links or dependencies whatsoever between having an emergency (which also involved shutting down the Parliament) and fighting Covid-19.

The decree effectively closed the door for any emergency extension that the backdoor government desperately needed in order to gain absolute power again, which will allow it to do whatever it likes. The King has learned his lesson after he was persuaded and convinced by PM Mahiaddin to declare the destructive emergency on January 12.

(Message 10) The King expressed appreciation to frontliners and the people (only)

Unlike previously, where the Agong had cautioned against destabilising the government amid the pandemic and warned politicians against dragging the country into another political uncertainty – which was seen as obvious attempts by the monarch to protect PM Mahiaddin – all those have vanished this time. The King did not even bother to pretend that he still likes the prime minister.

Instead, Sultan Abdullah has expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the frontliners and the people who have sacrificed time and resources fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. The Sultans are no longer interested in supporting the clueless, useless and incompetent Mahiaddin leadership because the people are on the brink of revolting against the regime.

The Royal Households understood that the Monarchies are here to stay, but the government changes every now and then. To project its image as a constitutional monarchy, the only option was to throw Mahiaddin under the bus and let him fight for his own survival in the Parliament. Why should the Sultans go down together with a self-proclaimed stupid prime minister? – Finance Twitter