Tycoon’s Daughter Responds to Critics

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The suggestion that she defended her mother during her parents’ divorce proceedings because a money deal was struck is not Angeline Francis Khoo’s view of a normal parent-children relationship. 

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In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail’s You Magazine which was picked up by the local media, Khoo divulged that she fell out with her father, Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng, because of who she married.

In 2008, while studying at Oxford University, Khoo gave up her inheritance to marry Caribbean-born data scientist Jedidiah Francis who her father did not approve of. Father and daughter have not been on speaking terms since then.

The Star reported that in response to the more than 200 comments on the Facebook page of its Online edition over the story, Khoo clarified some of the facts.

Khoo’s parents were involved in a bitter and highly-publicised divorce, which ended with a UK High Court judge awarding her mother, former beauty queen Pauline Chai, a £64 million (RM357 million) settlement in April. It was one of the largest settlements in history.

Khoo was the only witness called in her parents’ divorce hearing.

To a question on why she had defended her mother during the divorce proceedings and whether some sort of deal for money was struck, Khoo said she was disowned by her father nine years ago when she got married and that her parents only started divorce proceedings four years later.

“Unfortunately, in circumstances involving family court, children are sometimes compelled to testify by the court.

“It was interesting that your first thought was that perhaps a ‘deal was struck’; that doesn’t seem like a very normal parent-children relationship to me, but perhaps we’ve had different life experiences which have shaped our world view,” said Khoo.

Khoo claimed in her interview that she had no idea about the scale of her 78-year-old father’s wealth until it was disclosed in court.

To a comment by another Facebook user that criticised her for not knowing her father’s net worth, Khoo said that it would be “rather odd” for any child to know their parents’ net worth.

“Surely, on a scale of things you should care about where your parents are concerned, how much money they have is not relevant,” Khoo said.

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Several racist comments included those that made fun of her husband’s dark skin tone and appearance, with some suggesting he looked Bangladeshi.

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Many netizens, however, came to Khoo’s defence and hit back at the critics and cynics.

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