Baby Delivered Onboard Grab Ride

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A memorable journey for Grab driver and parents who welcomed newborn on the way to the hospital.


Grace Nesamani Raju, who has been a full-time Grab driver for nearly four months, responded to a ride request from Bukit Bintang to Sentul Medical Centre on Thursday evening.

She picked up a man, his pregnant wife and the woman’s female friend.

Grace, 45, was concerned about the pregnant woman’s well-being and asked the husband if his wife was in pain, to which he replied, “Only slight pain.”

The husband and the friend were accompanying the woman to a check-up at the medical centre as the baby’s expected due date was next week.

It was rush hour and traffic was heavy when the pregnant woman suddenly started screaming.

“She said she could feel the water breaking, and she really could not stand the pain, so she was screaming and screaming,” Grace said.

With no alternative, Grace weaved her way through the peak-hour traffic, turning what would have been a long drive into a half-hour trip.

Meanwhile, the back seat of her car became a makeshift delivery room.

“The minute I stopped the car at the entrance, the baby was already out, right in front of the hospital,” Grace said.

A security guard was alerted to the situation and nurses rushed down to cut the umbilical cord before taking the healthy baby boy and mother inside to receive medical care.

After the incident, Grace had her car cleaned and went home.

On Friday morning, she was pleasantly surprised when Grab called her to convey the heartfelt thanks of the woman’s family.

“They didn’t have my number, so they informed the Grab office to pass on their compliments.

“I’m really happy because I helped save two lives – be proud of Grab drivers! All glory to God,” Grace said.