Umno Must Shed Its “Samseng”, Arrogant, Elite Image

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Umno must shed any “arrogance” or “gangster-like” image to win back the trust of the people, said Khairy Jamaluddin.

The “exclusive living culture, money politics and making statements that hurt the people” seemed to imply that Umno was only for the elite, said the outgoing Umno Youth chief, who is vying for the post of party president in the party polls on June 30.

“This is why people got tired of Umno,” he said in an interview with Mingguan Malaysia published on Sunday (June 24).

He said that while they fought for the Malays, members sometimes made speeches that were too divisive and hurtful to others.

“We make sexist statements that lower the image of women. We think we are just making jokes, but people get angry,” he said.

He said that Umno must get rid of the perception that party polls are dirty, rampant with personal attacks and money politics.

He added that the party president must show a good example by telling off any leaders or division leaders who make samseng-like (gangster-like) statements.

“We need the president to be disciplined to ensure this perception does not persist,” he said.

When asked about the Chinese vote and Barisan Nasional, Khairy said that the community wanted to see a coalition that accepted their defeat and not be in denial.

“Once they see us playing the role of check and balance well, some will come back to us and MCA.

“For now, they support DAP but this won’t be forever. We have to show that we are fair to all,” he said.

Khairy said that the Chinese were not supporting Barisan, as Umno was too dominant in the coalition, hence the need for a different “formula”.

“This doesn’t mean that Umno concedes defeat, but we need a formula that is fairer to all. There are no rule books in politics. We have to think out of the box,” he said. – The Star