Where equality for all Malaysians actually stands

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Lack of faith in one’s own nation

Someone very dear to me passed on during the movement control order and because of the SOPs, I was unable to visit him nor say my last goodbyes.

Everyone has sacrificed a great deal and suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic and has struggled to make it through each day.

Art Chen/The Star

It was heartening to see how some, especially our dear doctors and nurses, strived to make it through the day and how Malaysians helped each other out here and there.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought out the goodness in many and showed just how Malaysians can come together in times of crises.

However, recent reports about how a deputy minister spent 55 days abroad have made me wonder where equality for all Malaysians actually stands.

This kind of preferential treatment goes beyond what we stand for, which is equality before the law. Does this mean that a person in power with money is far better than the average Joe like me?

How is it that my son who is studying in Singapore has not seen us for more than a year and how is it that I could not see my dying friend on his last breath?

I was also surprised when I learnt that this particular deputy minister had also applied for citizenship in another country.

Why is it that he was made an MP and deputy minister if he is not even proud to be Malaysian? It is all over social media that his wife and daughter are already citizens of New Zealand and that his daughter is even a Youth MP.

I recall the ruckus that was raised several years ago when a Minister, Ng Yen Yen. at that time, had a PR status in Australia.

So much fuss was kicked up, but in this case, everything seems to be swept under the carpet. How can this be?

I am Chinese and am proud to be Malaysian and would not ever give up my citizenship. I strongly believe anyone holding a position, especially as a deputy minister, should not ever turn his back on his country.

How can his wife and kids be PR in another country? This only shows that this deputy minister does not have faith in his own nation.

This is truly sad and sickening and goes against everything that I have believed. This shows the poor are always treated as second class, and even one who turns his back on his country can hold positions here.

Something needs to be done to restore the people’s confidence.

The views expressed here are strictly those of The True Net reader Alex Chung of Ipoh.