World’s Tallest Car Vending Machine

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Walking into a typical car showroom is never going to be the same again after you have viewed your dream car dispensed by a vending machine.

The vending machine is AutoBahn’s new building on Jalan Kilang in the residential neighbourhood of Bukit Merah. Purpose-built to maximise both parking space and innovation, it has 60 slots for cars and an interactive panel.

Pick a car, pick a colour, and the automobile vending machine will deliver it to you at the push of an iPad button within two minutes!

While waiting for the vending machine to dispense your car, you will be shown a video that introduces the model of the car.

According to AutoBahn, they want it to be a sensory experience that includes sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

The sound system is set up so you can feel the base while watching the video. The scent specially curated from a French perfumery is piped into the showroom.

In the pipeline is the ‘taste’ component, which AutoBahn is looking at offering wine to classic car lovers and whisky to sports car enthusiasts.

Once the car arrives on the ground floor, it rotates on a turntable illuminated by spotlights.

The vending machine is not merely for you to view vehicles at a real-life Matchbox-inspired showroom, as you can pick out the car of your dreams and purchase it right on the spot.

Companies like Carvana have been using these vending machines in the United States but Singapore’s car vending machine is the tallest in the world, according to Fortune magazine. The extravagant glass-fronted structure stands at a lofty 15-storey high.

AutoBahn features big names in the showroom, boasting an impressive line-up that includes Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Rolls-Royces.

A sight to behold at night, the vertical pre-owned car dealership lights up to showcase more than 60 high-end gleaming cars lifted straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine.