Accident Victim Eager to Thank Hero for Saving His Wife

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Rosefakhzan Saleh Mohammad can’t wait to thank contractor Oon Thoo Seen personally for saving his wife in a car accident.

At 2pm on Thursday, Rosefakhzan’s Proton Saga BLM collided head-on with a Perodua Alza which caught fire. The incident took place at Km14 of Jalan Pengkalan Hulu-Gerik in Gunung Paku, Ipoh.

Oon was earlier quoted as saying when he found the car door jammed, he quickly retrieved an axe from his car and broke the window, without realising a fire was spreading from the other mangled car.

On seeing the accident, Oon, 66, sprang into action. He was earlier quoted as saying that when he found the car door jammed, he quickly retrieved an axe from his car, broke the window and pulled Rosefakhzan’s wife Sri Nursuzawilati Mat Noh, 37, out from their car.

Pictures capturing Oon in action and stories of his bravery went viral on social media, with netizens applauding him as a hero. He has been praised for his courage and risking his life to rescue the woman from certain death.

The Star reported that Oon, who was unaware that his act of bravery had gone viral and he has become a hero, said there was no time to think when he acted in the nick of time before the fire spread to the woman’s wrecked car.

“My children told me about it. I also received a lot of calls from friends and relatives, praising me for my action,” he said, adding that he was glad the woman was all right.

“I was actually not aware of the fire from the other car. I saw an unconscious woman needing my help and I tried to rescue her. To me, life is important. 

“It was only when the other car exploded that I realised what was happening,” Oon said.

A few years ago, Oon, who is from Sungai Petani, also helped out in an accident in Bukit Mertajam.

Rosefakhzan, 38, said he was travelling from Arau, Perlis, with his family to his hometown in Tumpat, Kelantan, to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

The factory worker said that along the way, he had missed a turning and decided to use the alternative route.

“Unfortunately, we got into an accident. But we are blessed that Oon was at the scene,” he said.

Words cannot describe how grateful he is and he wants to thank Oon personally for coming to their aid.

“I dread what could have happened if Oon didn’t smash the car window with his axe.

“A fire from another car was spreading to ours where my wife was unconscious.

“Without him, I might have lost my wife.

“I cannot wait to meet up with him, and I want to thank him over and over again,” said Rosefakhzan.

He is recovering from a surgery to remove fluid from his lungs while his wife is warded at the intensive care unit for three broken ribs and serious abdominal injuries.

The couple’s two children escaped serious injuries. Nine-year-old Mohd Aqil Hazim suffered minor bruises while five-year-old Nur Naurah Qaisara is still traumatised after the accident.

The family is from Kangar.

The passengers in the Perodua Alza – a soldier, his wife and child, from Gerik – sustained minor injuries.

“According to our investigation, the Proton Saga, which was heading from Pengkalan Hulu to Gerik, went out of control and swerved into the opposite lane before crashing into the Perodua Alza

“The Proton Saga was heading down a slope prior to the accident,” Pengkalan Hulu OCPD Deputy Supt Raduan Mohamad was quoted as saying.