Actor Chow Yun-Fat Helps Clean HK Street After Typhoon Hato

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As Hong Kong cleaned up the debris left behind by Typhoon Hato on Wednesday, a popular celebrity was spotted helping to clear fallen tree branches by the side of a road – actor Chow Yun-fat.

A fan saw the actor, who was alone and dressed in a black jacket and shorts, and could not resist requesting for a selfie with Chow. The picture was posted on Instagram, together with another shot of the star in clean-up action.

The passer-by wrote: “I met Chow Yun-fat helping to remove fallen tree branches blocking the road after the typhoon. Please be careful!”

Chow later told local media Apple Daily that he helped voluntarily after the biggest typhoon Hong Kong had seen in five years battered the city.

He said he was driving home and found the roads in Kowloon Tong to be blocked by fallen branches. He then decided to get out of his car and remove the obstructions “so that other drivers could drive home safely”.

Chow, 62, is known for his humble and affable nature, and fans have snapped pictures of him travelling on public transport and buying fresh chicken in wet markets.

Married with no children, Chow announced in 2014 that he would donate his entire fortune which is estimated to be Hk$1 billion to charity after his death.