Cops Went Beyond Call of Duty to Clear Bridge Filled with Sand

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Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng commends traffic policemen shovelling sand under the scorching sun to clear the Penang Bridge of sand spilt from an overturned lorry.

Tonnes of sand that an overturned lorry was carrying spilt onto the road, blocking off two lanes at the 7.9km mark of the Penang Bridge and creating a major traffic jam at 11.15am yesterday.

With traffic backed up for more than 10 km behind the crashed lorry, four traffic policemen went beyond the call of duty to clear one lane of the Penang Bridge and help traffic along.

Their kind act was recorded by motorists, earning praises from netizens who viewed the shared footage online.

Honoring traffic corporals Azidin Ahmad, Mohd Nazri Zainal Abidin, Mohd Zain Mohamed Nor and Noor Ridzwan Mat for their exemplary work, Lim presented them with RM250 each and a certificate of appreciation at his office today.

“They went beyond their duties by becoming highway maintenance workers, to alleviate traffic which had backed up for many kilometres.

“This is something we admire and appreciate. They should be an example to others. Sometimes, when we want to solve a problem, we may have to do it ourselves.

“And doing it themselves is what they did, without giving much thought to it. I salute you for work well done,” Lim told the corporals.

Penang police chief Commissioner A Thaiveegan, who was also present, said he was very proud of his men, with the inspector-general himself calling him to praise the good work.

“We feel appreciated. Although we do not expect any recognition or praise for our work.

“This is our job, our slogan is ‘bersedia berkhidmat’ (ready to serve), wherever and whenever. My corporals have done what they were supposed to do,” he said.