Green Activist Refuses to Back Down After Brazen Red Paint Attack

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Environmental activist Pua Lay Peng is angered and upset by a brazen paint attack on her sister and her house in Kuala Langat but is determined not to back down.

“I felt angry, frightened and sorry for my sister who suffered from almost one litre of paint splashed onto her body. But I will keep my commitment as an activist until my last breath. Losing our health means we lose everything,” she told Malaysiakini in an interview today.

Pua is an activist with the Kuala Langat Environmental Action Group and she has been speaking out against illegal plastic dumping sites in Jenjarom.

She was not at home during the incident on Wednesday, June 26, when a man entered her compound and splashed red paint on the front door.

Her sister was also covered in paint during the attack.

Pua, a chemist by training, has been vocal about illegal plastic dumping since the early part of 2018 when she discovered smouldering plastic waste inside plantations and neighbourhoods around Jenjarom.

She has reported receiving threats over her activism.

Federal Criminal Investigation Department (CID) director Huzir Mohamed confirmed that four suspects were arrested during a raid on a townhouse in Damansara yesterday.

A car, a samurai sword, and a handphone which was used to record the crime, as well as a packet of drugs believed to be syabu were also seized.

Three out of the four suspects admitting to being involved in the attack, and also confessed links to Geng 24, alleging that they received a sum of money for the attack.

Pan expressed her gratitude to the police for taking quick action.

“Keep up the good work! I really appreciate it and hope that they can find out actual instigator (behind the attack). We will take more action to protect our security.

Asked why she was so sure that the red paint was targeted at her, Pan said: “because my family has no bad debts with Ah Longs. And they splashed the red paint directly at my family member.”

“This is a threat and a warning. Investigations from the police also indicate the case is related to the environmental issues I have been recently involved in.”

Pan declared she is determined not to back down in the face of intimidation.

“In my community, some of us were forced to become environmental activists when we saw and experienced a terrible situation where we were surrounded by many illegal plastic recycling factories.”

“Our country is in a big environmental disaster. Many people are taking Malaysia as a paradise to dump solid waste,” she said.

Shashank Bengali/Los Angeles Times

“They like our low awareness concerning air/water pollution. They see Malaysian authorities having a low capacity to monitor or enforce our laws and regulations.

“Immediate action should be taken to prevent further loss of people’s health and the irreversible destruction of our environment.

“Don’t wait until we lose our last drop of clean water and the last molecule of clean air.”

– Malaysiakini