Malaysians of All Races Help Driver Who Dozed at Penang Traffic Lights

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A man caused a 30-minute traffic jam when he dozed off while waiting for the traffic light to turn green in Penang.


Thankfully for the assistance of actor Zizan Razak and a group of caring Malaysians, the driver was awakened after one of them managed to break a quarter glass at the rear window of the vehicle with a hammer.

In a post on his Instagram at @zizanrazak869, Zizan wrote he was on his way to work and stumbled upon the car, a BMW, and the driver at Jalan Sungai Pinang to Persiaran Karpal Singh.

“Our friend may be too tired and had dozed off in the car.

“The best thing was during the incident, everyone irrespective of race, rendered their assistance,” he wrote in the post which accompanied the 1.38-second video.

Congratulating everyone who helped out during the incident, Zizan also advised the driver to rest up and not to work too hard.

The clip, which had been viewed more than 700,000 times, had social media praising Zizan and those who helped the driver.

Actress Yasmin Hani Richardson also expressed her surprise at the state of the driver who was able to sleep through the ruckus.

“Wow so sleepy?? On the middle of the road?? Very dangerous. Luckily there is no young children,” she wrote. – MMO