The World’s ‘Longest-Lasting Rainbow’

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Stunning spectrum of light appears in Taiwan for nine hours continuously as experts claim it has broken record.


It’s said to be the world’s longest-lasting rainbow which was visible from 7am to 4pm on Nov 30 in Taipei.

The spectacular natural phenomenon was observed by Professor Kun-Hsuan Chou, who works at the Department of Atmospheric Science of Chinese Culture University in Taiwan’s capital.

A professor of Atmospheric Science, Chou said the previous world record was six hours and it was observed in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in 1994.

He also explained that the rainbow last Thursday lasted for such a long time because monsoon was affecting northern Taiwan.

“This was a gift from the sky.  


“I was shaking when I observed a six-hour rainbow, but this was a miracle [to me], being able to capture a rainbow with such long duration,” Chou was quoted as telling the media.

He first recorded a rainbow which appeared in the sky for over six hours on Nov 27.

But three days later, he and a colleague observed the record-breaking nine-hour rainbow near the university.

Pictures taken by Chou shows at least one rainbow can be seen appearing above the university campus from 6.57am to 3.55pm. The observation lasted for eights hours and 58 minutes.

He explained that there were actually four rainbows appearing in the sky, including a primary rainbow and a secondary rainbow where light is reflected by raindrops in the region of the sky.

“Besides the two main rainbows that are easily observed, the other two are known as supernumerary rainbows, which are less obvious to see due to the difference in the size of raindrops,” said Chou.