Pulau Kukup a Forest Reserve Once Again

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As promised by the Johor royal household, Pulau Kukup will remain a forest reserve after questions were asked behind the decision to degazette its status and turn it into sultanate land.

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim said that he and Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar have maintained from the start of the Pulau Kukup controversy that the island will remain a forest reserve.

“Once again. His royal highness and I have reiterated that Pulau Kukup will remain a forest reserve. Only the title of the land has changed to sultanate land.

Johor Tourism website

“Don’t confuse the rakyat or make propaganda out of it. Don’t divert attention to other issues,” he posted on Twitter today.

His tweet came as a response to several news reports today that Pulau Kukup has been re-gazetted as a national park.

Sultan Ibrahim decreed in December that Pulau Kukup will remain a national park despite it being degazetted as one by the Johor government to become “sultanate land”.

Azlan Zamhari/Malaysiakini

The status of the mangrove forest reserve became a hot issue after the Johor state government reportedly decided to de-gazette its status as a national park in a state executive council assembly meeting on March 7, 2018.

This was to pave way for it to become sultanate land.

However, Tunku Ismail had also previously said that Pulau Kukup will not be developed. – TMI