Retiree’s 1000 Km Crusade to Save Stray Cats

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A cat lover’s personal mission to save stray felines.

Every spring and autumn, retiree Masahiko Suka takes 10 Persian cats on a 1000-km road trip from his home in southern Japan to Tokyo in a bid to reduce the number of felines put to sleep in the country

According to latest government figures, over 67,000 cats were put down in 2015, an average of 180 a day.

For 17 years, Suka has been making the journey – loading his fluffy cats in a pram and showing them off.

He believes after seeing his adorable cats, people will pause and think about adopting one themselves.

In Suka, cats have found a human who believes that animals, who are also God’s creations, have the right to live too.