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Govt lawyer seeks to withdraw from representing teacher in Ain Husniza...

A federal counsel from the AGC moved to withdraw from acting for a teacher targeted in a countersuit by Ain Husniza.

Remain impartial over Ain Husniza’s civil suit, 74 Opposition MPs urge...

AGC, as the guardian of public interest, should stop taking sides in this very sensitive case.

Ain and father lodge police report over lewd blog posts

Ain Husniza and her father have lodged a police report regarding lewd comments made about her appearance online.

Ain to speak at Unicef conference on violence against children

One of just seven people from the region invited to speak at the session.

Women’s groups, NGOs rally behind Ain who will counter sue ex-teacher...

A multitude of women's rights groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have rallied behind 17-year-old Ain Husniza.

Source: Not enough criminal element to charge teacher over alleged rape...

There was not enough criminal element to press charges against a schoolteacher, who allegedly made a rape joke in class earlier this year.

After letter of demand, Ain says also called in for police...

Ain Husniza said she has been called in to provide a police statement for a report lodged by the teacher she previously accused of making a rape joke in class.

Ain gets letter demanding RM1m over lewd jokes allegation

Form 5 student Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam has received a letter of demand this afternoon from a male teacher for purportedly defaming him by...

Cops nab UK grad who made assault, rape, death threats to...

A man in his 20s who made death and rape remarks towards a supporter of student activist Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam on Twitter, has been arrested.

Teacher who made rape jokes transferred to Selangor State Education Dept

The teacher who allegedly made rape jokes in Ain Husniza's classroom has been transferred to the Selangor State Education Department.

Ain calls for education reform to curb sexual harassment in schools

Putrajaya has been urged to reform the education system to enhance the teachers' awareness of sexual harassment.

Ain will be victim of failed system if ministry doesn’t act,...

Hannah Yeoh urges government not to ignore the school issues of rape jokes and period spot checks.

More PH MPs, parents’ group stand with student Ain Husniza

Several more lawmakers from PH have rallied behind student Ain Husniza in a growing solidarity movement after she was threatened with expulsion.

Ain’s mum: I believe and support my daughter

Mother of Ain Husniza has come out to show her support and trust in her daughter’s endeavour to make schools a safer place for students.

MPs call for action after school principal labels own student Ain...

Several MPs have called for swift action by the Ministry of Education towards the principal of SMK Puncak Alam for purportedly leaving uncouth comments against Ain.

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