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Anthony Loke pans Najib’s ‘illogical’ spin on ‘cash is king’

Anthony Loke has panned Najib for his explanation of his infamous "cash is king" remark by saying that the king is the public.

Anthony Loke: I tried to persuade Ong Kian Ming to stay

Anthony Loke said that he tried but failed to persuade Ong Kian Ming to continue his political struggle.

Loke tells PH: Go all out to win, don’t wait 10...

PH should not wait for 10 years to retake the federal government.

Anthony Loke: PH leaders must unite to win

PH will fall flat on its face if its leaders do not show a united front to win voters in the next GE.

Anthony Loke: Dr Mahathir hurt PH’s manifesto credibility with remark

Lim Guan Eng has said PH was aiming to honour all the election pledges in its 3 states – Penang, Selangor and Negri Sembilan – by 2023.

Anthony Loke: Don’t blame opposition for defeat of Sosma motion

Putrajaya should take the blame for the defeat of the motion on the Sosma and not pin the loss on opposition lawmakers.

DAP sec-gen: Anti-party hopping Bill to be tabled in special Parliament...

Ismail Sabri has given his commitment to calling for a special Parliament sitting to table and pass the anti-party hopping Bill.

Anthony Loke deems Tony Pua ‘very important asset’ to DAP despite...

Anthony Loke has deemed Tony Pua a ‘very important asset’ to the party, after the latter lost the party’s central executive committee (CEC) elections on Sunday.

New DAP sec-gen Anthony Loke pledges inclusivity, plurality, consensus

Anthony Loke today pledged to be inclusive and lead based on consensus in steering the Opposition party forward.

Anthony Loke rebukes Tian Chua for proposing to work with ‘traitors’

Tian Chua called for PH to join with anyone that can give the coalition victory, saying it was a tactic they must consider to win the state.

Ronnie Liu Denies Sabotaging PH, Says Loves Coalition and Still Supports...

The DAP state lawmaker at the centre of a political discord within the ruling PH today denied he was sabotaging the coalition as alleged.

Transport Minister: Did Not Instruct Aide to Demand Heads Roll in...

Anthony Loke said his aide’s words denigrating RTM and insistence that “heads must roll” reflected his personal feelings and were not an infringement of media freedom.

Foolish AES Agreement

Transport Minister Anthony Loke described the Automated Enforcement System (AES) agreement as one that "only a fool would sign".

Hoping To See Malaysia Airlines Fly High Again

Transport Minister Anthony Loke hopes to see Malaysia Airlines fly high again.

Special ‘Malaysia’ Number Plates Expected to Earn RM20M

Special 'Malaysia' number plates expected to earn RM20 million.

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