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Loke: No need for PH to answer on behalf of Tommy...

Thomas not a PH leader nor a member of any PH component parties.

Loke: Wong Tack out, Young Syefura in for Bentong contest

Incumbent Bentong MP Wong Tack has been dropped by DAP from defending his seat in GE15.

Loke: PH will win, recapture Putrajaya

Anthony Loke paints a vivid picture.

Loke: Dissolving Parliament this Deepavali month disrespects Indians

Selection of GE date should consider the sensitivities of all races.

Loke: PH to ‘wait and see’ if PN rescinds support for...

PH will “wait and see” if PN rescinds its support for Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s administration before deciding on its next move.

‘Eat your words’ Loke tells Wee as KVDT2 project resumes at...

Wee had said in August 2020 the RM4.5 billion KVDT2 project was overpriced and would be reopened for tender.

Anthony Loke: Possible for DAP to work with Umno

Anthony Loke has not ruled out a collaboration with Umno deeming this as ‘anything is possible in politics’.

Anthony Loke tells how he and Mat Sabu returned RM555m to...

Anthony Loke told the Dewan Rakyat today that it was a DAP leader who saved the armed forces pension fund from suffering a loss of RM555m in a government bailout.

Anthony Loke: PH’s GE15 manifesto and seat talks underway, with Muda...

Anthony Loke said that PH is currently recalibrating its manifesto in tandem with talks on seat allocations with its allies ahead of the next GE15.

Anthony Loke: Post-GE15 alliance may be needed to form govt

Anthony Loke believes a post-election alliance between different parties and coalitions may be needed to form the government following GE15.

Anthony Loke chides Warisan for wanting to ‘work with anyone who...

Anthony Loke has rebuked Shafie Apdal for his “unprincipled” statement that Warisan was ready to work with any political coalition that wins the next general election.

Anthony Loke on mission to fire up Malaysians again for GE15

DAP’s biggest challenge for the next general election is to motivate Malaysians to go all out and cast their ballots.

Anthony Loke: Claims that DAP is backing Muhyiddin for PM are...

Claims that DAP is backing Muhyiddin to become premier again and that he has sufficient support from Opposition MPs to retake Putrajaya are false.

Who exactly are under investigation for corrupt practices during pandemic? DAP...

The public has the right to know who took advantage of the pandemic.

Anthony Loke: Removal of AP requirement for imported foodstuffs will not...

The removal of approved permit (AP) requirement to import foodstuffs will not resolve increasing prices of food items.

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